EVT204A Wedding Planning Assignment

Subject Code and Title :- EVT204A Wedding Planning
Assessment :- Assessment 2: Research Report
Individual/Group :- Individual
Length :- 1500 words (+/- 10%)
Weighting :- 35%
Task Summary :-
As an individual research and write a report of approx. 1500 words on a topic of choice or choose form the suggested topics below.
EVT204A Wedding Planning Assignment

EVT204A Wedding Planning Assignment

Learning Outcomes :-
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Evaluate the socio-cultural implications of the wedding event.
b) Compare and analyse the expectations of the stakeholders in the wedding planning process.
e) Interpret contemporary issues in relation to marriage and weddings.

Context :-
A wedding planner should be aware of the different ways weddings are viewed by most cultures and at different times. In some cultures weddings celebrated in modern times still involve traditional practices which have been around for hundreds of years. In other cultures new laws public opinion and individual practice have completely redefined what a wedding is. Sometimes possibly often cultures faiths and laws clash. Sometimes the old ways are the only ways. Some times society actively lobbies for new ways. This assessment will help you research and come to an understanding of the amazing impact of the wedding in society.

Task Instructions
Research and write a report on an aspect of weddings which interests you. Here are some examples
you might like to consider but ultimately it is up to you to decide.
You can for example:
• look to the past and the examine the historical influences on wedding practices.
• look at the amazing venues, in which weddings can be held today,
• look at the traditions we adhere to, in most western weddings.
• look at the changes, creativity and individuality some couples are incorporating into their weddings.
• look at the legal changes sweeping the world regarding marriage and the changes this has made to the wedding ceremony.
• look at the way different cultures conduct a wedding.

EVT204A Wedding Planning Assignment

EVT204A Wedding Planning Assignment

How to write the report:
This is a research report It is not an essay. Therefore it must contain:
• A cover page.
• An executive summary
• A table of contents, on a separate page
• A table of figures (if visual data is used) on a separate page.
• An introduction
• Relevant numbered headings and sub-headings
• Correctly labelled visual data (e.g. Table 1: insert title; Figure 1: insert title.)
• Conclusion
• Reference list in APA 7th edition style listing all sources you use within your answers.
• Numbered appendices. (These are not obligatory. You may wish to include relevant material here if appropriate to your topic e.g. visual data you choose not to include within the report itself. This is not included in the word count.)

2.You need to supply at least five (5) references of current experts in the field i.e. the sources which specialise in weddings, or a historical or cultural source. At least two of these sources must be academic, e.g. your textbook. (Just remember it is an American text and is skewed toward American weddings e.g. flowers, etc.)

3.This assignment must be prepared and submitted individually the work you submit must be your own.

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