Community Development Proposal Assignment

Assessment 2: Community Development Proposal
Weight :- 50%
Word Length :- 2000 words
Notes :- Written paper
Relates to Learning Outcomes :- ULO2, ULO3, ULO4
Rationale for assessment task :-
Community development is not just about service delivery nor is primarily about a social worker or an agency running a project for the community. It is fundumentally about drawing people together to collaborate and run with a POSSIBILITY for change in their community on issues that affect them. Community development and case work with individuals in community should not be considered distinctly different.Jackon and her colleagues (1989) proposed the idea of a community development continuum that allows social change workers to work in a philosopically connected way between case work with individuals families groups and communities.
Community Development Proposal Assignment

Community Development Proposal Assignment

It might seem obvious but it is vital for you and others to have a clear idea of what your project is and why you are doing it. It will show you what the difference is you are trying to make clarity is important when planning a project. When planning a project it is very easy to overcomplicate things.  Keep it simple and seek clarification early.

Planning for community development :-
1. Be curious and courageous about exploring ideas and potential for change Build on the work of others.
2. Be clear about the purposes or goals of the engagement effort and the communities you want to engage.
3. Become knowledgeable about the community’s culture economic conditions social networks political and power structures, norms and values demographic trends history and history of efforts by outside groups to engage it in various programs. Learn about the community’s perceptions of those initiating the engagement activities.

Task :-
Prepare a community development proposal  addressing an issue that concerns you and addresses an identified need of the community where you live or work consider deepening your knowledge of different approaches to the same issue by applying a community development approach to the one you focused on in Assignment 1).

A community develpment project proposal is a document that outlines every thing stake holders need to know to initiate a project. It is a necessary first step towards getting a project off the ground.  A well written project proposal informs and persuades. It combines social work skills with a few other essential skills such as research needs and data analysis and careful crafting.

Relevant learning materials :-
Refer to Modules 4 -7 for helpful guidance as you research and prepare for this assessment task.  
Definitions of community Module 4 and  how to work with and alongside a community are outlined. Community development Module 4 work with an identified community is built on under standing and analysing needs within a community development approach. Assessing community needs and assets (module 6) provides the evidence to support a program of change. Action plans Module 7 that are realistic achieve able and sustainabable are a key part of any proposal.

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