CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

Subjeect Code : CHC50121
Title :- Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Assessment Task 1: Written Questions
The following assessment tasks use a simulated child care centre called Early Learning Centre In order to complete the assessment tasks you will need to access information templates policies and procedures associated with This can be done in one of two ways: either your assessor will provide you with copies of the appropriate documents or they will provide you with login details for’s website Navigate to select Log in and enter your username and password prior to completing your assessment tasks You should familiarise your self with what does the services it provides the employees and organisational structure of the centre.
CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

Students are to answer all 12 written questions.

Resources And Equiment Required
I. Access to textbooks and other learning materials.
II. Access to a computer and the Internet.

Where And When This Task Will Be Completed :-
i.Students will do this task in the classroom or as homework – advise the students as to which is required.
ii.Workplace based students will do this task in their own time.
iii.Provide students with the due date for this assessment so they can write it in their Student Assessment Booklet.

What Happens If You Get Something Wrong?
If your assessor marks any of your answers as incorrect or insufficient they will make arrangements with you for resubmission. Your assessor may ask you some questions verbally to check your under standing or you may need to provide new written responses to the questions that were answered incorrectly. Your assessor will give you a due date by which this must be provided.

Submission Requirements
Your answers for each question.

Task Instructions :-
i. This is an open book written assessment – you can use your learning materials as reference.
ii. You must answer all questions and their parts correctly to achieve a Satisfactory outcome for this task.
iii. Refer to the Glossary of Instructional Task Words for descriptions of instructional words to guide you in the level of response required in each question.

Question 1
How do you keep up to date with current and sector developments? Provide at least three examples to support your response.

Question 2
a) Have you ever used a mentor to support your professional development? If yes explain how this helped you achieve your personal or professional goals. If no see b) below.

b) If you have not had the opportunity to use a mentor explain why having a mentor would be helpful to you in your future career.

Question 3
How will you ensure your knowledge and skills are current throughout your career?

Question 4
Provide an example of how you have demonstrated each of the following legal and ethical considerations with in your professional practice:
1. Codes of practice.

2.Duty of care.

3.Rights and responsibilities as an educator.

4.Work role boundaries.

5.Limitations within your role.

Question 5
Where could you go to network with other sector professionals? Provide at least three examples.

Question 6
What additional training could you undertake to complement or enhance your current skills? Provide at least three examples.

Question 7
What is your preferred learning style? Why is this effective?

Question 8
Consider two of your peers you work closely with on a regular basis.For each peer identify their learning style and how this helps improve their learning experience.

CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

Question 9
Explain how we learn through feedback and reflection. Why is this important?

CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

Question 10
a) Describe a time when you developed a plan to achieve a personal or professional career goal.
Were your goals achieved? Why/Why not? How was your progress measured?

c) Consider your goal in regards to your study for this qualification.
Write your goal in the table below, then complete the table to explain why your goal is ‘SMART’.

CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

Question 11
Consider the following situation:
Jed was not sure where he was going in life.
He went to TAFE when he finished school and started a course to qualify as a chef.
When he was half way through his course he realised that the hours for a chef were quite bad so he withdrew.
Jed travelled for six months but his money soon ran out he came home earlier than expected.
When he got home he went to art school with a friend of his that didn’t last as he wasn’t that good at art.

Now he is considering enrolling in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. He has grown up in a big family with lots of children and thinks he would make a good carer.

All his friends have good jobs now and Jed feels that he is still in the same place he was when he first left school.

CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education And Care Assignment

Imagine you are Jed’s friend. Give him some advice so he can plan and focus on his goals.

Question 12
You are working at Early Learning Centre and one of your colleagues who is an educator suddenly became very un well. They complained of tightness in the neck and shoulders early on in the day but now was in a cold sweat with a pressing pain in the chest. They were short of breath and clearly not well.

You called for your supervisor who was a first aid officer but she was out of the office. You suddenly realised that your colleague was in big trouble but despite being trained in first aid you felt like you didn’t know what to do.

You wasted precious minutes trying to find your mobile phone so you could ring the ambulance Luckily the person on the end of the line talked you through the process Once you started CPR you remembered every thing you had learnt. The ambulance arrived and took over from you.

Your colleague thank fully re covered in hospital and after they were released thanked you for your assistance and for how you responded that day.You had been feeling terrible since the incident because of your panic.

Using one of the models of professional reflection for example Johns model Gibbs model or Atkins and Murphys model describe the process you would go through to reflect on your response to this incident.

a) Which model of reflection have you chosen?

d)Describe the process that you would go through using the scenario to explain your answer in your own words.

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