Autobiographical Human Development Case Study Assignment 

Unit Title :- Autobiographical Human Development Case Study
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Must Complete: Yes
Weighting (%): 30
Assessment Notes: Written assignment
No. Words: 1500
Relates to Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2
Autobiographical Human Development Case Study Assignment 

Autobiographical Human Development Case Study Assignment 

Introduction :-
A powerful motive for pursing social work is personal experience.  A common theme is that people come to this work either because they have experienced ‘being helped’ at a difficult time in their lives or the opposite they have experienced ‘not being helped’when they needed support (Chenoweth & Mc Auliffe, 2017, p. 11). All stories start somewhere. Your story as a student in social work may have started recently or quite a while ago. At some point in time you made a decision to take this particular fork in life’s road. 

This assignment task asks you to reflect on your life story and consider your own human development influences including those which have ultimately led you to chose social work as your profession.

You are required to write an autobiographical multidimensional case study which applies relevant develop mental theories and concepts to your current stage of development or a significant earlier stage of your development if you prefer. In the autobiography you should address the following:

i. Relevant multidimensional (bio-psycho-social-spiritual/cultural) developmental theories that apply to your current chosen life stage (Refer to Chapter 1 of your Harms text book for 3rd and 2nd Edns as well as relevant chapter for your life stage).

ii.Relevant critical contexts of development – relational social structural and cultural Refer to Chapter 2 and 3 of your Harms Text book 3rd Edn or Part 2 of your Harms text book 2nd Edn). If relevant also discuss any significant historical cohort events Chrono system which have influenced your development.

iii. Risk and/or resilience factors associated with life stress from e.g., exclusion, racism bias and prejudice, trauma grief and loss, migration, gender and sexuality issues (Chapter 11 and 12 of your Harms text book 3rd Edn or Part 3 of your Harms text book 2nd Edn).

iv. The implications of (i) (ii) and (iii) for understanding one’s decision to study social work.

Expectations :- 
Students are expected to explore the topic in depth researching the literature available on the topic (including this unit’s set texts) and applying some critical analysis of the issues noted. The assessment criteria place an emphasis upon your demonstrated critical analysis.

Autobiographical Human Development Case Study Assignment 

Autobiographical Human Development Case Study Assignment 

In particular you should consider the multidimensional approach in Chapters 1 to 3 of your Harms text book which looks at a person’s inner and outer worlds.The outer world concept is similar to the micro meso and macro systems referred to in the ecological systems theory/frame work – another useful theory to consider when under taking assessments.  Chapters 4 and 5 on coping with stress and trauma in your Harms text book could also be relevant. Chapter 5 in your Chenoweth & McAuliffe text book provides a brief overview of important social work knowledge and theories for practice but you will need to read more broadly).

Structure presentation and marking
Ensure your name and student number are on your assignment and include page numbers.

Make sure you have read the marking criteria on this Moodle site under Assessment 1.

APA 7 is the required referencing style for this unit.

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