A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

Introduction :-
Employee motivation and employee retention are held as the most important responsibility that a manager has to do Report Writing. In a workplace a manager has to face different employees bearing different values ideas and beliefs. In order to gain control over all of them a manager needs to implement certain effective measures with the help of which he/she can be able to maintain a healthy and effective organisational behaviour. Here in this assignment an attempt will be made to critically evaluate different aspects of organizational behaviour with explicit reference to the case study of the Regency Grand Hotel. The assignment will deliver a brief summary of the entire situation under which the hotel is passing through. It will also try to analyse the major issues that are causing trouble for the organization. The assignment will also include the major causes behind those demanding issues and the possible solutions that can be able to get the organization out of this un favourable situation. A detailed analysis of the con sequences of those possible solutions will also find its place in the Report Writing In the concluding part of it a proper and applicable recommendation will be made for the benefit of the organization.
A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

Information Summary :-
The given Report Writing of the case study reveals the story of the Regency Grand Hotel The hotel started its journey 15 years ago and under the effective leadership of a Thai general manager it earned the reputation of being the most prestigious and most popular hotel in Bangkok. The hotel offers industry best salary package to its 700 employees and provides other added benefits like annual bonus and so on. The employees carry a sense of pride because of their association with the hotel. In an unusual turn of events in recent times the hotel was sold to a renowned hotel chain of America. During the process of shifting of the owner ship the general manager decided to retire. As a consequence of it Mr. John Becker has been found as the most suitable replacement for the position of the general manager of the hotel. Mr. Becker is a well-experienced management professional who has previously handled a number of successful acquisitions. He tried to implement a new style of business operation for the employees of the Regency Grand Hotel. After retaining the same employee workforce with little exceptions here and there, he concentrated his focus on the empowerment of each and individual employees. The employees of the hotel were previously accustomed to carrying out their job responsibilities according to the instructions of their managers in Report Writing. By taking a 360-degree turn from the previous practice the newly appointed general manager forced the employees to go beyond the guidelines of their managers and make decisions in dependently based on the situational demands. According to him this practice would result in increased level of employee motivation and job satisfaction and it would extract the hidden creativity or imaginative power lied dormant in the minds of the employees. Before implementing the employee empowerment process, Mr. Becker has arranged a meeting with the managers and the heads of different departments of the hotel and discussed the necessity of employee empowerment with them. After hearing his ideas, few of the managers and departmental heads responded positively and others just swayed their heads. In his attempt to turn his ideas into action, the general manager revived the organizational process in such a way that the lower level employees now do not have any need to take the help or guidance of their superior managers for making an organisational decision in the case of minor organisational issues. But for major organisational issues, the employees are directed to take the guidance of their superior managers. In practice, the employees are found vacillating in doubts in order to identify an organisational issue to be a minor or a major one. They remain utterly confused in deciding whether they need to take the guidance of their superior managers or not. Even their superiors often dismissed their taken decisions by saying that this is a major organisational issue and needs to be dis cussed with the upper level of management. All these invite a chaotic situation for the organization and subsequently the employees lose faith in their ability to take correct and effective organizational decision. The employees even lose their mutual trust and respect for each. The situation becomes worse to that extent in which increased number of customer complaints starts coming regarding the improper performance of the employees of the hotel. The past glory of the hotel drowns in the present shame that the employees acquire under the new general manager.

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

2. Major Problems that the Regency Grand Hotel is facing:
The hotel in earlier times successfully delivered quality Report Writing services to its customers. The credit for this success definitely goes to the individual performance of each and every employee of the hotel.But due to a change in the organizational process in recent times, the same set of employees couldn’t be able to provide quality services to the customers of the hotel. In previous times, the employees were generally put under the supervision of managers and departmental heads.They were accustomed to follow the orders of their superiors and act accordingly. They were not been given any opportunity to reflect their creativity or decision making power. The managers used to follow the autocratic style of leadership. In which the managers takes the position of a strict instructor and delivers orders that the employees were forced to follow (Bel, 2010). Under all such adversities the employees were able to main tain an accept able performance standard. But with the change in the position of the general manager the situation starts declining. Even though the new general manager takes a democratic style of leadership and tries to empower his employees in order to ensure that they can reflect their innovative thinking in taking important organisational behaviour decisions the performance of the employees are degrading at a rapid speed. Increased number of customer complaints reveals that the employees are not being able to deliver standard performance.

It is basically the failure of the top management in maintaining a proper organizational behaviour within the organization. Due to this only the employees have to suffer from loss of faith among themselves face potential organizational conflict and feel not motivated enough to enhance their performance of Report Writing.

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

3. Causes Behind the Problem:

The failure in main taining a proper and healthy organisational behaviour invites several other complications for an organization Saiyada in 2010. It builds a communication gap between the employees It snatches away mutual trust and respect that exist among the employees for each other. Similar situation occurs in case of the Regency Grand Hotel. The newly appointed general manager tries to bring about a change in the organizational process by rendering empowerment to the employees. His idea is noble but the process he chooses to implement his idea is inappropriate. In order to bring about an organizational change, a manager needs to identify the organizational areas where the change is required the most design the change process properly and execute the change in the organizational structure in a slow but steady process so that the implemented change can sustain for a longer period of time (Edd, 2011). In this case Mr. Becker has made certain hasty decisions in implementing the desired organizational change.

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

4. Determination of Major Causing Steps:

It is necessary to identify those troubled areas which Mr. Becker mistakably manhandles. In order to em power the employees, the management needs to ensure it whether the employees are competent enough to handle added responsibilities (Aston and Morton, 2007). It is unnecessary to say that all the employees of an organization cannot be equally competent and able. So empowering all the employees with out even judging their individual competence and creative qualities is not a good idea. Besides this even a competent employee can utilize its acquired power to the fullest only after getting proper training and development opportunities. In order to handle added responsibilities allocated to a particular employee he she requires certain added skills which can only be gathered from proper training and development programs (Kayode, 2010). The management of the Regency Grand Hotel also fails to implement effective measures which can motivate the employees to a great extent. With the help of increased level of motivation the employees can be able to accept the organizational change whole heartedly and deliver standard performance.

5.Ways to Get out of the Problem :-
In order to turn the specific idea of Mr. Becker into existence, a proper organizational change process is needed to be implemented. The hotel managers need to understand that the employees have already become accustomed with the previous practice of following the instruction of their superiors. Bringing about a change in their style of working can create problem for the organisation Report Writing. It can even decrease their individual productivity. Thus at the very first stage of the change implementation process there is a need to analyse the exact benefit that the change will bring for the organization Hendry and Pettigrew 2009. In the next stage, the specific needs like training and development need are required to be identified. In the third stage, a proper planning should be done to chalk out the specific action plan for the implementation of the desired change. The most important function that needs to be performed after this stage is the inclusion of proper change infrastructure (Goksoy and Ozsoy, 2007). This can be done by designing exclusive training programs for the employees or announcing specific reward systems to motivate them. In the concluding part of the process, the change should be implemented with a strict attention to the response it gets, the success it attains and the corrective measures that need to be taken (Refer to Appendix). Besides implementing a proper change implementation process, the managers of the Regency Grand Hotel can also adopt certain effective initiatives in order to motivate their employees. For this, they can take the help of Herzberg’s Motivation and Hygiene Theory. In the said theory, Herzberg proposes two sets of factors- Hygiene and Motivation factors in Report Writing which impose negative and positive impacts on employee job satisfaction (Carl, 2009). Hygiene factors include faulty company policies, improper relationship between superior and subordinates un suitable working conditions in sufficient salary package and lack of job security. The above said factors can negatively motivate employees and create job dissatisfaction. In stark contrast to these factors, Herzberg proposes Motivation factors which can positively motivate employees and can create job satisfaction Motivation factors include opportunities of achievement recognition of achievement interesting job added responsibilities and growth opportunities (Eunmi, 2009).

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

Motivation factors Hygiene Factors
Achievement Company policy
Recognition Relationship between supervisor and peers
Interesting job Working condition
Added responsibility Salary
Growth opportunities Job security

Figure 1: Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

6. Effects of those Possible Solutions :-
With the help of the said solutions, the management of the Regency Grand Hotel will be able to implement changes in the organizational process successfully. It will help the management to identify competent and potential employees, whose empowerment can derive positive result to the organization. The management can even organize specific training and development programs for the selected employees which will help them to improve their decision making skills to a great extent. Inclusion of employees in the change implementation planning process will derive innovative ideas and opinions which can prove to be effective for the organization (Okumus and Hemmington, 2011). The employees of Regency Grand Hotel already enjoy an industry best compensation package. Added monetary reward will not motivate them to a great extent. Instead by following Herzberg’s theory, other motivational factors can be chosen in order to derive motivation for the employees. Offering ample chances of achievement or recognizing individual achievement or providing future career growth opportunities can greatly motivate the employees and extract the best possible performance from them (www.hrzone.co.uk, 2014).

7. Recommendation :-
It can be recommended to the top level management of the Regency Grand Hotel that it can think of best owing empowerment on group level in stead of individual level Group empowerment will help the employees to build up effective team network and all the organizational decisions will be taken by the team as a whole which will minimize mis takes in taking decisions. It is the duty of the top management to clearly explain individual responsibility to each and every employee of the organization. There should be a pre defined list of decisions which categorically depicts that which organizational decisions can be taken by the lower level employees and which ones fall under the authority of the top level management. The management should give stress on effective motivational factors which confirm increased level of employee motivation employee productivity and employee retention.

A Report Writing Assignment On Organizational Behaviour: A Case Study Of The Regency Grand Hotel

Organizational behaviour has its exclusive significance on the enhancement of organizational productivity. It helps to maintain a proper communication process between each and every part of an organization with the help of which the employees of the organization can create a shared vision in front of them and can exchange important organizational knowledge between them necessary to enhance their individual productivity.

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