ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics Assignment 3

Subject Code & Title :- ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics
Assessment Type :- Assignment 3
This assessment task requires you to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) examining the potential consequences of a data project on key stakeholders particularly data subjects. Imagine you are the Owner of the process/situation being considered.
ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics Assignment 3

ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics Assignment 3

Prepare a 1600-1800 word report evaluating the consequences and key legal, regulatory and privacy considerations of a data project on key stakeholders. You may include additional data e.g. Tables or Diagrams in Appendices.

Instructions :-
Choose a data-related situation with which you are familiar. It can relate to any aspect of the data supply chain.

ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics Assignment 3

You will need to consider the following elements:

1) Background
In this section you should:

1. Clearly and succinctly outline the purpose of data collection, use or storage.
2. State why you need this data.
3. You should also outline the data supply chain/ process including information flows up stream and down stream considerations.
4. How will the data be collected, stored, used and deleted?
5.Who are the key stakeholders including data subjects?
6. Include their relative power agency (include control of their data and vulner abilities you can use a table for this); also include your relationship.
7. Consider the volume variety and sensitivity of the data
8. Why is a data impact assessment needed?

2) Impacts
i.What are the main impacts of this data collection, use or storage?
ii. Include unintended or unwanted impacts on key stakeholders including data subjects.

ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics Assignment 3

ZZBU6505 Data And Ethics Assignment 3

3) Ethical and regulatory concerns?
a. What are the privacy implications?
b. Are there any issues of public concern/interest?
c. What regulatory considerations apply?
4.Any other ethical issues?

4) Risk profile
Construct table(s) showing the identified risks and affected stakeholders. Explain your reasoning for each risk identified. Assess Likelihood of Harm (remote/possible/probable); Severity of Harm (minor/moderate/significant/severe) and Overall Risk (low/medium/high).

i. See below for a possible configuration.

ii.What are some possible strategies for risk mitigation? Will they reduce or eliminate risks?

iii. Any residual risks?

5) Over all recommendation.
i. What is your overall recommendation?
ii. Any implementation considerations?
iii. How do you intend to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and privacy principles?

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