TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

Unit Code :- TMGT601
Title :- Strategic Analysis Report
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Assessment length :- 1000 words (+/-10%) exclude tables bibliography and cover sheet
Purpose :-
The purpose of this assessment is to help learners identify elements of the strategic environment
that contribute to a firm’s commercial decisions and demonstrate an understanding of the internal and external forces that affect the strategic decisions of a firm
TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

This assessment will also enable learners to reason and draw links between concepts learned in the unit.

Description :-
This 1000-word report analyses a firm’s internal and external environments through applying a range of theoretical analytical frameworks.

Topics to be covered:
Knowledge and skills from weeks 1 to 4 with emphasis on the identification of possible strategic issues for a firm and the application of basic strategy analysis to its market

Extent of Research Required:
The extent of research required for this assessment is significant as it will need that you research target organisations and identify though academic literature and industry publications the main elements of information that will help answer the assessment question. You will also need to analyse academic literature and identify areas of relevance to your own argument to arrive at a conclusion that you can support.

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

A Plagiarism Declaration Form must be submitted with all assessment tasks. The declaration affirms that the work being submitted is the student’s work all sources have been acknowledged, contains no plagiarism and that the information is not knowingly inaccurate. The submission of the form also affirms that you have read and under stood the Student Academic Integrity Policy.

In your work you must acknowledge all references and source of information correctly honestly and accurately.

Assessment tasks are subject to testing using plagiarism detection software. Please ensure you the entire work is yours.

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

Assessment details :-
This is an individual assignment. It takes the form of a report.

It requires that you select a firm from any where in the world and identify 2 internal and 2 external factors
that could affect the firm’s ability to strategically compete in its market. You will then need to summarise these factors and propose the 1 most challenging factor that could affect the firm’s strategy. The proposed headings and word count per heading are shown below:

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

Executive summary
Background to the firm

Internal factors affecting the firm
External factors affecting the firm
Major challenge facing the firm
Proposed approach to tackling the challenge

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

The work will require that you use a minimum of 10 references of which 5 at a minimum of
need to be academic and 5 can be from the firm’s web site business news and other credible sources of information.

The language used in the assessment needs to be academic and must draw on the terms learned in the unit.
The expression of an opinion in the first person (“I”) is not allowed.

The similarity must be 15% or less. Please make sure nothing is copied and the entire work is yours.

Remember that there are no drafts, so whatever you submit needs to be your final piece of work.
Assessments cannot be emailed and must be submitted to the correct link on Turnitin to be graded.

TMGT601 Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

The firm can be any company of any size from any where in the world as long as it can be found online.

Examples of internal factors could include resources financials or product design.
Examples of external factors could include competitors regulatory environment or consumption trends. You can select any internal or external factors that you identify in your readings.

The best way to start the assessment is to search for information first about your target company to determine if sufficient resources exist and can be used. Next is a reading of the materials to identify and summarise the issues that you believe affect the company. You can then write the assessment in your own words.

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