Systems Design and Deployment Assignment 3

Unit Title :- Systems Design and Deployment
Value :- 15%
Length :- 1500
Submission method options :- Alternative submission method
Assessment Type :- Assignment 3
Further Background

Refer to background information provided in Assessments I and II regarding Australian Assorted Bakery System project. Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work.
Systems Design and Deployment Assignment 3

Systems Design and Deployment Assignment 3

Assessment Item III Tasks

This assignment has two (2) tasks as described below:

Task 1: 
Design the system architecture, describing the important hardware and software components servers clients etc.) and their role. Justify your design decisions that involve a choice of technology or choice of software components. Draw one or more architecture diagrams to better illustrate your designs.

Detailed design is proposed containing network components, software components and their interaction. The design takes into account all FRUPS requirements. Justifies choices with sound arguments

Task 2: 
Perform use case realization for any use case from the Australian Assorted Bakery System and draw a sequence diagram. You can use the SSD from assessment item 2 as guidelines.

Detailed sequence diagrams include exact messages parameters returned data and their sequencing. Diagrams also model loops and conditional branching

Systems Design and Deployment Assignment 3

Systems Design and Deployment Assignment 3


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

a. be able to evaluate development requirements and prepare a feasibility proposal based on multi-disciplinary (financial, human resource, technological) analyses.
b. be able to formulate and justify system requirement models based on evaluation of given situations.
c. be able to assemble the components of a requirements model using the tools and techniques of object oriented or structured systems modelling.

Systems Design and Deployment Assignment 3

Your answer for task 1 should be around 1500 words (title page and references are not part of page count). You should use your own words and you cannot use quotations.

If any references are required ensure to use APA referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have used in preparing your assessment.

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