SWK1103 Viva Cultural Product Assessment

Subject Code & Title : SWK1103 Viva Cultural Product
Assignment Type : Assessment 2
Weighting : (60%)
This assessment addresses Learning Outcomes 1-3
Assignment instructions :
The final module in this unit examines cultural products. Choose ONE (1) cultural product and use your viva to discuss how this product relates to your cultural identity.
SWK1103 Viva Cultural Product Assessment

SWK1103 Viva Cultural Product Assessment

Identity is formed from our own distinct characteristics experiences and perspectives/beliefs and also from our membership to particular groups and communities. The following are the characteristics that can connect us to a community or provide a point of difference: religion age education gender social class sexuality occupation race region and neigh bourhood. Your presentation should touch on those characteristics which are relevant to you and to the product you choose.

SWK1103 Viva Cultural Product Assessment

It will also be important to include any cultural practices that might relate to the product you choose and the beliefs and values that might connect to the product.

Students studying this unit will develop a 10 minute presentation using an audio tool of choice and submit through Black board. Students can also volunteer to present to the class in person or via Collaborate. A maximum of three (3) Power Point slides (or equivalent) can be used to support the presentation, in addition to the reference list.

Students will have opportunities to discuss their ideas with student colleagues and the lecturer in class (on campus students) and/or through online Collaborate sessions (off campus students). There will also be monitored Discussion Board threads for discussion.

SWK1103 Viva Cultural Product Assessment

There are online resources that can provide guidance with developing a voice/audio presentation and technological information and support will also be available.

The Viva must be referenced using quality peer reviewed and credible literature. The same caveats as those outlined for Assignment 1 apply.

Marking Criteria
Demonstrated understanding of cultural definitions 20
Ability to articulate the link between culture and constructions 20
Verbal expression (clear, concise, good structure, not over time) 10
References 10.

For this assignment you will need a minimum of 8 references.

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