SOCA3666 Reflexive Analysis Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- SOCA3666 Reflexive Analysis
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Words Count :- 1000 words
This assessment item asks you to choose a specific consumer product or technology object that was important to you in your early teenage years and write a reflexive analysis of your relationship to the object, using theory from the course. Dig deep and be honest!
SOCA3666 Reflexive Analysis Assignment

SOCA3666 Reflexive Analysis Assignment

Students need to demonstrate their under standing of theory by reflexively applying it to themselves. The object needs to be a material thing that you can touch shoes clothing a toy a brand ipod ipad phone what ever. Do not use ‘texts’ like a movie TV show song digital games book etc.

While you need to use and reference the theoretical material like a normal essay it is fine to use the first person in this assessment item as you need to talk about your own experiences and feelings through the course theories.

But you do need to make sure that you use course theories each time you make an analytical point The long lists of readings through out the course guide are a good place to gather relevant material for this task.

A common question is: how many references should I use ? We don’t really have a preferred specific number you just need to ensure that you are using references to define terms and also when you are reflecting you need to relate those personal experiences to the theories of the course So when you do that you have to reference those theories to the author. In terms of the structure of the exercise use the 5 questions below as subheadings and answer each question by using the relevant theoretical ideas from the course that relate to it:

• How did the object give you a sense of identity?
• Did the object relate to a sense of modernity? Why/ why not?
• Did you object help give you a sense of belonging or place? Why/ why not?
• In what ways were you entangled with the object?
• How has your relationship with the object changed over time and what has influenced this change?

SOCA3666 Reflexive Analysis Assignment

SOCA3666 Reflexive Analysis Assignment

The whole thing should be written in your own words no cutting and pasting no using quotes.The 1000 words includes your answer to the 5 questions. It does not count the bibliography The reflexive analysis is submitted by uploading it to Turnitin by the due date and time.

If you want feedback for your analysis you must complete the Essay Self Evaluation and Checklist sheet posted on Canvas and include it as the front page of the document that you submit to Turnitin.

Feedback will only be given when it is asked for through this method Essays not ac companied by this sheet and/or essays that have not asked for feedback will receive a mark only.

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