SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- SOC3WOE Worlds of Exclusion – Global Social In equalities Literature Review
Assessment Type :- 2
Basic Task :-
The study of social stratification and social inequalities covers a wide range of topics or issues. In order to offer you an opportunity and flexibility to explore the themes you are interested in this assignment en courages you to choose one of the following topics to write a 1,600-word essay in which you are expected to use relevant sociological concepts and theories to conduct analysis and lead discussions.
SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

 Income or wealth inequality
 Gender inequality
 Housing inequality
 Poverty and welfare issues
 Racial or ethnic inequality
 Labour market discrimination
 Social exclusions (e.g., education, political participation)
 Social mobility
 Social inequality and COVID-19

SOC3WOE Worlds of Exclusion – Global Social Inequalities Literature Review 

A choice that covers more than one aspect from the above is allowed. For instance students can write an essay on Gendered income gap in Australia The poverty of indigenous people in Australia The working poor and social welfare policy in Australia or Employment discrimination in Australia: a comparative analysis of migrants from different ethnic backgrounds’.

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

It is fine to examine a topic based in a foreign country other than Australia. If you want to investigate a topic that is not listed above please discuss it with your lecturer/tutor at first.

After identifying a research topic, students should start to search relevant literature statistical information or empirical data from the library, the Internet or other sources. Based on the materials consider what research question(s) would be addressed in your essay. Then conduct a literature review formulate core arguments and offer discussions. See the suggested structure of the essay below.

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

Suggested Structure :-
It is suggested that you consider the following main components or sections in your essay:
 Introduction
 Literature review
 Main arguments
 Summary

You may use headings or sub-headings to organise these components or sections where appropriate. Beyond this suggested structure you do have flexibility to construct your essay in the way you prefer.

You can use the following questions as a preliminary guideline to check out whether you are on the right track and then integrate the relevant components in your writing:

Do you have a title for your essay?
It is a short and clear summary of the essay (a few words or a sentence not a paragraph). Do not use vague titles like SOC3WOE Assignment or Assignment Two’. For example an essay can be entitled ‘Income inequality in Australia’, ‘Poverty and its causes in India: new evidence in the 21st century’, or ‘Is France a racist country?’

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

Do you have a brief and clear introductory section?
It introduces what topic you have chosen to do the research, what the relevant socio economic context or back ground is, why it is important to examine this topic what sections will be presented and how they will be organised in your essay and so on.

Do you provide informative and relevant literature review?
This component may help you present the research background describe the extent to which a social phenomenon or issue exists show what research has been done in this field summarise the major theoretical perspectives core issues or findings in previous studies and explain whether there is any gap in existing research.

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

Do you raise a research question clearly and construct your arguments well?
The research question is expected to have theoretical significance or practical implication and should be based on or relevant to your literature review. For example your research question can be:

‘Why do women earn considerably less than men on average in the United States?’,
‘What factors lead to the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health in Australia?’,
‘What are the main barriers faced by migrants to fully participate in Canadian society?’, or
‘What is the relationship between education and social mobility in the Nordic countries?’

SOC3WOE Global Social Inequalities Literature Review Assignment

To construct your arguments you may use relevant concepts and theories you have learned from this subject or the literature as well as supportive materials and evidence from other sources. Do NOT extend your arguments too broadly rather your arguments should be guided by your research question. You may ask yourself to check: Have I answered my research question? If you prefer to combine the literature review and main arguments in one section it will be fine.

Do you have a summary or conclusion in your essay?
What are your major viewpoints or findings? How well have you addressed your research question? Do you reach a conclusion? Does your study make any contribution or have any implication? Does it have any limitation?

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