SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

Subject Code & Title : SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing
Assessment Type : Assignment 3
Weight :- 40%
The aim of this assessment is to familiarize students with real-world policy practice and the process of policy analysis. Social workers within government State or Federal can influence the development of social policies and decision-makers Ministers or Chief Executives through briefing notes.Students will select from a list of approved social policies and prepare a Ministerial Briefing using the template provided.
SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

A key challenge of this assessment is brevity. You must be concise, focused and persuasive.

This assessment must be supported by at least 8 academic references.

You will need to use topic materials and undertake wider research.

APA referencing conventions must be used.

Template Tips (written and video), Exemplars and Marking Rubric are provided on the subject site.

The page limit is 2 – excluding the reference list.

Getting started :-
1. Go to the topic page and the Approved Social Policy List and pick a social policy for his conversation

2. Find an appropriate Minister (State or Federal) to address in your briefing

Report back on

1.What policy?

2.What Minster?

3.Why they selected that Minister?

Finding Your MP
1.South Australia Minister List:
2.South Australian State Gov Electorates:
3.South Australian Members of Parliament:
4.Federal Government Ministerial Portfolios:
6.They Vote for You
7.Sometimes MP’s have their own sites that are easy to find, and other do not.

Picking an issue

1.Read the first page or the executive summary of the policy

2.Prepare a sentence that states a problem within the policy (not a summary of the whole policy) that you might address in the Briefing

3.Report back on your policy and statement of the problem

Writing an effective ministerial briefing

a. An effective briefing articulately describes to the minister 1. A problem and 2. the solution to that problem.

b.Be careful not to provide the minister with ONLY a description of the problem. This is not likely to be well received

c.Make sure your solution is palatable to the minister’s political and economic ideology e.g. a minister who has a no tolerance policy to drug use may be less likely to be open to a drug diversion program recommendation

d.Use plain language

e.A good policy briefing clearly provides realistic steps to ONE problem.
Do not attempt to solve the problems of the world

Elements of the briefing

Balanced factual and evidence based briefings are the best. The Minister does not want to know about your political compass

ONE problem ONE solution. This should lead all the way through the elements of the briefing

Provide the minister with evidence that this is a legitimate problem and – on the balance of evidence – your solution will provide the best economic and social solutions. Support your solution with eight academic references

Is your briefing strategic operational or technical. Does it focus on broader polic or revolve around a specific solution (extra funding services programs)

SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

The interrelated loop of your briefing
1. Everything in a briefing relates to everything else.

2.There is a clear line of sight between the purpose and the recommendations

3.Only one problem is described

4.Only one solution is described and this is clearly stated in your recommendations

5.Your minister should absolutely know what you recommend before they read your recommendations.

Is this briefing to state or federal minister? Are these national or state based issues?

What is the title? – it should be brief and succinct

What is the purpose? – it should be succinct and describe BOTH the problem and the solution

When is a critical deadline? – this should be within 3 weeks. What is the reason? Should be a meeting or policy deadline

What is a summary of issues? – state the problem as clearly and succinctly as possible with one bullet point for each element of the problem. What are the risks for not acting? State the solution as clearly as possible (you don’t need to elaborate).


How do I write the background? Use the best possible evidence to support the information in the summary of issues. The background provides an elaboration of your solution to the problem. Do not repeat your summary of issues and make sure you use the 5 year rule for evidence and literature!! Provide your minister with context, why is this dot point important.

What is the purpose of advice from others? This comes from other experts so that the minister can see you have canvassed this issue and it is not only personal opinion. Remember, your advice from others should list the person their title and organisation. Don’t just list the organisation. Remember that the most senior person in the organisation should be used wherever possible (don’t cite a case worker from a NGO).


Should I use a funding comment even though this is a fictional briefing?

If there is a cost provide the minister with an explanation of the exact costs. They need to know if the funding is worth the political economic and social gains.

What makes a good recommendation? There should only be two three dot points in a recommendation section which address what ever is in your purpose. They need to be as action oriented as possible. The minister should approve funding …

The minister should approve the creation of the youth home lessness project group by….

Extension Activity

1. Find a Flinders Scholar who is an expert in the area – bring back a link to a publication they have authored

2. Find an NGO with expertise in this area – bring back a link to a resource they have produced

3. Find another scholarly source Use research skills to bring back a link to academic source relevant to this area.

SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

SOAD9111 Ministerial Briefing Assignment 

Question time

1.What is a peer-reviewed academic source (journals, book chapters, books)?

2.How do I apply for an extension?

3.What is your favourite colour? Blue? No, it’s yellow.

4.Where can I find an exemplar?

5.What is a social policy?

6.Can I change the format of the template? No!

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