Research Essay Assignment

Unit Title :- Research
Assessment Type :- Essay Assignment
Instructions :-
Planning and implementation are the third and fourth stages of the nursing process A-Assessment D- Diagnosis P-Planning I-Implementation E- Evaluation. To plan and implement appropriate care for patients nurses need access to evidence to inform their care decisions. Your essay should describe the reasons why we need to use evidence-based practice principles in research and teaching in the clinical environment. Use one example from your own clinical experience during your nursing education where you were applying evidence-based practice principles and you were shown a clinical task by a mentor or preceptor who was using the evidence-based practice approach to teach you a specific clinical task.
Research Essay Assignment

Research Essay Assignment

In around 700 words discuss EBP in a general overview and why it is important in nursing.
The essay will require an introduction and conclusion. For the second part of your essay. You should describe an example from your own clinical experience where you were applying evidence-based practice principles to either have taught some one else or where you were shown a clinical task by someone else and where the mentor or preceptor was using the evidence-based practice approach to teach you a task or skill. You can describe and write about this experience in first person.

Introduction :-
The introduction should contain some very general background information to set the scene for your reader. As this information is very general, it should not require references. The more specific information that requires references should be following in a body paragraph. The final sentence of the introduction should outline the main ideas to be discussed This essay will discuss …. As definitions are specific, it is preferable to include them in a body paragraph, but not the first sentence of a paragraph because that should be a topic sentence.

Research Essay Assignment

Discussion :-
Each body paragraph should commence with a topic sentence that identifies the main topic for that paragraph. The topic sentence should not require reference. The next few sentences provide your discussion argument on the topic which you should be supported with reference. The final sentence of your paragraph should either summarise content or provide link to the next paragraph. As such the final sentence should not require reference.

Conclusion :-
The conclusion should summarise the topics discussed/argued and show how your thesis statement originally stated in the introduction) has been proven. As you are summarising there should be no need for references and no new information included in the conclusion that was not discussed in the body paragraphs. Finish your conclusion with a concluding statement.

Research Essay Assignment

Research Essay Assignment

No headings or sub-headings are required for this essay
No bullets or dot points required

Again because the essay is a narrative, there should be no dot points, bullets or numbered lists. Any information being presented should be incorporated into the narrative so that it progresses logically and smoothly. Try to avoid just presenting information. That does not demonstrate your understanding of information, only your ability to locate it. Instead you need to incorporate the results of your searches into your discussion thus proving that you have a good understanding of the information you are presenting.

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