Research Design Assessment 4

Unit Title :- Research Design
Assignment Type :- Assessment 4
In this assessment you are required to develop an appropriate research design for your research topic question. First you need to specify the objectives of your research. Remember that the objective(s) connect your research question to research design and specify what exactly is performed in the research. Please write your objectives in a bullet point format.
Research Design Assessment 4

Research Design Assessment 4

Provide the details of data collection for your research. First describe the type of data you plan to access and the variables you expect to analyse. Also comment on the reliability of the data and its source.

Note that you cannot find data in the manuscripts that are your references but the authors of the papers may tell you where they have obtained their raw data. That is, what you find in the tables in your references are knowledge and information as processed data and the authors do not present their raw data.

You should include as much detail as possible about: potential sources of data nature of data sample sizes potential errors need to pre-processing the data and ethics considerations

You should try and describe the research design in a bulleted format that represents detailed steps of the design and their sequence avoid writing paragraphs.

First choose the appropriate method from the range of methods described in class room and then go into more details based on methodology references that you find.

The methodology should align with the research question and objectives of the research as well as the type of data that is used.

Related factors and variables as the focus of study need to be specified carefully.
Describe the steps as an action plan that will guide how you might achieve your research aim using the data that is the process from obtaining the data to analysis and then results.

Your research design must clearly frame the steps that will be taken in research as an action plan with proper citation for methodology references associated with each step (avoid references on the topic and only use methodology references)

Research Design Assessment 4

Research Design Assessment 4

Further describe the limitations of your chosen research.
You should include details of limitations in terms of scope of research limitations in terms of data as well as limitations of the chosen research method

Provide a flow chart of your research design including data collection as an attachment to the end
of the assessment.

Your design MUST seek to address the research question and your methods MUST be suitable to the research while showing the specific steps. The flowchart should depict detailed steps in conducting the research avoid using generic steps such as analysis specify what type of analysis and what are the specific steps of analysis). As part of your design you should also include the data collection steps that you plan to employ again with detailed steps. Add the flowchart as an attachment to the end of the submission.

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