Python Programming Assignment

Unit Title :- Python Programming
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Enter the following Python programs into the editor run them and observe the results.
Python Programming Assignment

Python Programming Assignment

(copy-paste your results from the right side of the screen to a word document and upload the word file to the Assignment 2)

1) Write a program to ask the user to enter his/her monthly pay. Calculate the yearly pay(salary) Display the result formatted with two decimals and displayed as currency.

2) Ask the user to enter amount_due. Calculate the monthly payment for the next year to pay all and display the result.

amount_due =
monthly_payment = amount_due / 12

3) Ask user his/her salary. Ask the user how much bonus he/she will get and print the total pay.

Python Programming Assignment

4) Write a program that asks the user to enter the radius of a circle and displays the perimeter and the area of the circle.

5) Write a program that accepts two integers from the user and calculate the sum of the two integers

6) Write a program that accepts an employee’s name total worked hours in a month and the amount he received per hour. Print the employee’s name and salary (with two decimal places) of a particular month

Test Data :
Input the Employees Name : James Hank
Input the working hrs: 8
Salary amount/hr: 15000

Python Programming Assignment

Python Programming Assignment

Expected Output:
Employees Name = James Hank
Salary = U$ 120000.00

7) Write a program to calculate a bike’s average consumption from the given total distance (integer value) traveled (in km) and spent fuel (in liters, float number – 2 decimal point).

Python Programming Assignment

Test Data :
Input total distance in km: 350
Input total fuel spent in liters: 5
Expected Output:
Average consumption (km/lt) 70.000

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