PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

Subject Code :- PSYCM7020
Title :- Research Proposal Presentation
Assignment Type :- Assessment
Assessment weighting :- 30% of total mark
Length :- 10 minutes + 5 mins for questions
PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

Task details :-
Oral communication skills form an integral part of psychology and the competency to do so satisfies some of the graduate attributes required by Psychology’s accrediting body in Australia (APAC). These attributes include knowledge and under standing research skills critical thinking skills and communication skills. In this course, the oral presentation assesses learning outcomes: K1-3, S1-5 and A1.

Students are required to prepare and present an oral presentation using Power Point that outlines their research proposal. Content should include the project topic, relevant background to the area, study rationale, aims and hypotheses method and proposed data analysis plan.

PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

Presentations should be for 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.

Students are required to present their research proposal presentation in person using Power Point.
Students must also submit their PowerPoint presentation file via Moodle. The presentations will occur during the allotted tutorial times in week 8, but the room locations of the presentations will be announced during the semester.

PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

Guidelines for task completion

In your presentation you are required to outline:

1.Title of the research project

a. The title should specify the key variables of interest and their relationship (e.g., The effect of X on Y)

2. Brief rationale for the research project
a. Why do we care about this area? Consider one of the following:
i. Prevalence (e.g., % of people impacted or seriousness of impact)
ii. Precedence (e.g., past research interest)
iii. Relevance (e.g., implications for real life/theory)
b. What do we already know about research in this area? Summarise.
i. What specific evidence links your variables?
ii. What is the quality of this evidence?
c. What don’t we know and why is further research important? Summarise.
i. What/where are the gaps in our understanding?
ii. How will the resolution of this issue allow us to advance knowledge in a meaningful way?)

PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

3.Specify the study aim/s and hypotheses/research question

4.Method (as appropriate to you chosen research design)
a. The information in this section will depend on your chosen research projects. Further information will be provided in class.

5.Results (as appropriate to you chosen research design)
a. Preliminary ideas for data analysis
b. Proposed data analysis must be appropriate to the study design and directly address hypotheses

PSYCM7020 Research Proposal Presentation Assessment

Points to consider in your presentation

1.Use visual aids as a prompt for discussing your ideas avoid large slabs of text on slides

2. Print detailed notes and practice! Record your presentation and review it to identify areas in need of improvement

3. Check out the Presentation Tips and Hints in Moodle under Assessment 1: Oral Presentation of Research Proposal Students should prepare an oral presentation of their research proposal for a hypothetical project that will not be implemented.

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