Psyc3300 Psychology Assignment

Subject Code :- Psyc3300
Title :- Psychology
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weight :- 25%
Word limit :- 800 words (excluding title page, title, reference list and figure captions)
Type of Task :- technical report to be handed to a hypothetical end-user
• The aim of the assignment is to write a technical report, submitted to a hypothetical entity end-user that faces a real problem. The report should identify the problem consider and recommend approach(es) for a solution typically collect and/or analyse some data could be experi mental data or literature and provide practical recommendations.
• Each student will receive and analyse a different data set. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR DATA SET NUMBER in the title page (for example data Set_96)
Psyc3300 Psychology Assignment

Psyc3300 Psychology Assignment

Proposed structure:
• Title page [not counted for word count]. Your data set number.
• Executive summary of 2-4 brief key points [I suggest you compose it only once you have completed the report place it in a text box on the top of the first page after cover page]
• Background: What is the problem, what do we know about the topic [a bit like intro]
• Approach(es) to solution, and what you have done [a bit like methods]
• Results (Figure and a few descriptives: overall accuracy rate in MOT, overall mean DRT-RT)
and recommendation for action [a bit like a combo of Results + Discussion]
• References: at least 4. Use APA style for the reference list but Vancouver style numbers in text as is common in tech report — eg [1], [2], etc

Psyc3300 Psychology Assignment

Some resources:
• Look up examples of tech reports in Google and Google scholar. Expect quite a few of them to be in engineering so ignore content and focus on the form.
• There are a few guides you can find online, you can read them but ensure you adhere to the specific instructions I provided about structure (above), and the Rubric.

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