PSYC2122 Psychology Literature Review Part 2 Assignment

Subject Code & Title: PSYC2122 Psychology Literature Review Part 2
Assessment Type: Literature Review Part 2
Weighting: 40%
Length : 2000 Words
Aligned Course Learning Outcomes: CLO1, CLO2, CLO3, CLO4, CLO5, CLO6, CL07
PSYC2122 Psychology Literature Review Part 2 Assignment

PSYC2122 Psychology Literature Review Part 2 Assignment

Aligned Unit Learning Outcomes:
a. Identify and apply a coherent knowledge of biological theories principles and scientific methods to under standing human behaviour
b. Critically analyse historical trends in biological psychology and their impact on understanding human behavior in diverse communities
c. Apply knowledge of biological psychology to understanding of variations and disorders of behavior
d. Evaluate the application of key ethical principles to biological psychology research and its applications to protect public safety
e. Communicate theories and evidence in biological psychology to diverse audiences applying principles of academic integrity

PSYC2122 Psychology Literature Review Part 2 Assignment

Assessment Task 2 Details and Instructions:
In this task you are to write and submit a literature review on one of the following conditions: temporal lobe epilepsy We rnicke Korsak off syndrome Parkinson’s disease or autism. You will need to include the following sections:

Introduction section
o Broadly introduces the condition to the reader
o Describe define the condition (onset and course)
o Discuss prevalence/incidence
o Operationalise the condition (e.g., describe any relevant classifications such as mild moderate or severe etc.)
o Introduce the reader to the body of the review (e.g., provide an outline of what you will cover in your review

Main Body
o Epidemiology is the study of health and illness and related factors e.g., mortality, morbidity change impact over time
o Description of neuropathology
o Description of common neuropsychological/psychological deficits
o Management, intervention, and rehabilitation of condition.
o Identification of strengths and limitations of theories (e..g, as generated by diverse groups), key ethical principles gaps in the literature (e.g., knowledge regarding assessment and or intervention and its applicability to Indigenous peoples or other diverse groups and an explicit discussion on the implications for resilience or sustainability or promotion of well being (self and others)

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