POLI3203 Case Study Essay

Core Themes :-
The core themes of the course are citizenship participation democracy democratisation development local power and democratic subjectivity subject hood. Most students focus on exploration of debates within one of these themes. However as there are links between different themes some students opt to combine an analysis of two themes. So for example some one might pick the experience of insurgent citizenship and critically evaluate its capacity to develop citizenship, deepen democracy and create inclusive development. To explore this they might combine the frameworks on different types of participation with a neo Gramscian or feminist analysis.
POLI3203 Case Study Essay

POLI3203 Case Study Essay

The case-study essay seeks to support the development of an independent case-study in the study of local politics citizenship and democracy which will enable you to:
i) Demonstrate and develop your understanding of at least one of the core themes explored in the course
ii) Demonstrate and develop your understanding of at least one of the theoretical frame works explored in the course.
iii) Demonstrate and develop your ability to use at least one of these frameworks to critically evaluate and analyse a particular case study from below movement process experience either one we cover the final four weeks of the course or one chosen and agreed with the CC A/Prof Motta)
ix) Demonstrate and develop your ability to undertake independent higher level political analysis research.

POLI3203 Case Study Essay

Different Theories (perspectives)
We have explored a variety of perspectives of participation democratic power and citizenship: participatory democracy neo-liberal third way Indigenous and autonomy/anarchy

We have focused on three core frameworks of analysis: Foucualdian Neo Gramscian/Marxian and Feminist. Each of these will have sub streams so for example in the feminist there is the feminist citizenship literature and the feminist theories of the body for example.

So you might want to demonstrate the strength of a feminist approach for evaluating and analysing an experience of local bottom up participation. Or you might want to compare and contrast two different theories on a topic and suggest that insights of both are useful.

A case-study from below or participatory movement from below is an empirical real world example that is relevant to the theme you are exploring in your essay.

POLI3203 Case Study Essay

POLI3203 Case Study Essay

Examples of case study are:
1. A social movement organising against marginalisation and lack of democratic voice so Occupy for example: you could use perspectives on participation and citizenship from weeks 1, 2, 9 or 12 to critically evaluate the democratic consequences and practices of the movement. And/or you could develop a neo Gramscian Marxian analysis of its potential to democratise democracy.
2. An NGO working to foster inclusive development You could critically evaluate this movement using one or a combination of the perspectives on citizenship and participation explored in the course with any one of the critical theories of analysis explored in the course.
3. The growth of the Alt Right: you could develop an analysis of their formation using any of the frame works of theory from the course or map and critically explore their political subjectivity as well thinking through how to politicise these communities differently.

You are free to use any combination of literatures from the course readings and combine these with other readings that you find during your research.

As you are developing your case and researching this independently this will normally require engagement with at least 8 readings to ensure you develop your depth of under standing and knowledge.

The key words you use in your search are very important to ensure that relevant literature is located.

You are also free to use and cite empirical literature not as a replacement for academic literature but as a compliment. This can include texts produced by a social movement or NGO for example.

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