POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

Description :-
Students apply critical and reflective thinking to develop a written independent analysis of a contemporary issue in Global Indigenous politics.The purpose of this assignment is to assess students’ capacity to under stand critically engage with a key issue in the study of global Indigenous politics from weeks 2-6 and to demonstrate their ability to use the theories studies to analyse this issue.
POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

1. Assessment Two: Mid-semester essay

40% of overall mark
Assessment due date: Friday 2 September 2022 11.59pm
Assessment length: 2500 words
Assessment criteria: Three criteria will be used:
1.Relevance and understanding
2. Organisation and structure
3. Critical thinking
Please also refer to assessment rubric for further details.

Mid-Semester Essay Questions

Choose one of the essay questions below:
1.How are under standings of time and history used to reproduce the silencing and invalidation of Indigenous world views knowledges and peoples? How do Indigenous peoples resist this?

2.Indigenous peoples often claim that colonisation isn’t over. Rather they argue it has transformed into coloniality or settler-colonialism. Critically explore this claim with reference to at least two of these areas: politics culture or economy.

3.Develop an Indigenised critical analysis of Modern state sovereignty.

4.To what extent can the reforms to the Bolivian and Ecuadorian constitution be viewed as a failure for Indigenous peoples struggles for self-determination in these countries?

5. How do Indigenous peoples under stand the rights responsibilities relationships and subjects of citizenship and political decision-making?


Essays policy analysis reports and other written assignments are the means by which lecturers establish that you have gained an appropriate under standing of a particular subject area. In all written assignments you will be expected to engage in critical thinking which means:

1. analysing problems or issues
2.constructing arguments
3. expressing your thoughts clearly.

In general we will expect you to have:

i. read widely on the topic
ii. understood what you have read
iii. under stood and discussed the main issues of the set topic
iv. presented a clear, reasoned argument that reaches a logical conclusion.

Lecturers/tutors will evaluate these broad goals in terms of a number of more specific categories. All Course Outlines in the Discipline of Politics & International Relations will specify the relevant academic criteria for assessment.

A word of caution: avoid writing an essay that appeals to what you think might be the lecturer’s pet interests or prejudices. This might seem like a good strategy but in most cases it will lead not to success but to poor results if not failure. Lecturers in Politics and International Relations usually do not object to essays that dis agree with their personal views. What they object to are essays that are

I. badly written
II. poorly researched
III. poorly argued
IV. poorly referenced
V. full of unsubstantiated opinions, claims and statements

Some Writing Principles

Your aim as a writer should be to communicate your ideas as clearly as possible Some times this can be achieved by using short direct sentences rather than sentences that are long and con voluted Short sentences tend to quicken the tem po of your writing where as long sentences slow the pace of reading as they require a bit more reflection on the part of the reader to take in the authors meaning Varying the length of sentences is an effective way of main taining a reader’s interest and enabling you to explain your arguments.

POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

As a writer your aim is to convey your meaning as clearly and concisely as possible.This means that you do not use any more words than are necessary to communicate your ideas. At the same time, you need to guard against leaving out essential information and steps in your argument in the name of conciseness. The aim is not brevity i.e., a few words) but conciseness (no un necessary words) and clarity clearness of expression and steps in your arguments.)

Ask yourself:
1. What is the assignment question/topic asking you to do?
2. To what problem is it referring?
3. What are the central/relevant issues for the topic?
4. What information will you need to answer the question or to cover the topic?

POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

Your reader is interested in finding out whether you understand the major aspects of the problems or issues raised or required by the essay question. It does not matter whether your reader dis agrees with your conclusion so long as you have provided a logical argument that rests on appropriate and reliable evidence to substantiate your case.

2.You must acknowledge all relevant aspects of an issue. That is your essay must not be limited to material or evidence that supports your particular conclusion even if you end up sitting on the fence with respect to drawing a final conclusion. You must demonstrate that you are aware of all the key issues that are relevant for your assignment question.

Any opinions you have about an issue must be logically and rationally supported by the available evidence. They must be presented within the frame work of an argument. In showing your under standing of opposing points of view of the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments you demonstrate that you under stand the topic or question.

POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment

3.A substantial range of research must be undertaken for politics essays and written papers. This means that you must read beyond the lecture notes or lecture handouts. You are expected to utilise resources in the library to develop your arguments.

Do not rely on copies of the politics lecture slides or not as your only or main source of information. Lectures provide you with over views and basic arguments relevant for given topics. They are your starting point not your finishing point. Essays based only on the lectures and one or two supporting references are not ad equately re searched. If you find it necessary to quote from a lecture for instance because the lecturer has adopted a particular view which you wish to discuss or has quoted a source that you have been unable to find else where then you must reference these sources in your text just as you would any other source.

As a general rule and one which will be enforced by markers lecture notes SHOULD NOT BE CITED as research sources in assessment tasks.

Write often, write regularly.

Your essay will need to be logically structured It will need to have an Introduction a Body of Analysis and a Conclusion.

POLI2200 Mid Semester Essay Assignment


An Introduction should give your reader a clear idea of where the essay will be heading. It makes it easier for your reader to follow the rest of the essay. You must briefly state what your main argument will be and perhaps even fore shadow the conclusion you will reach.

Above all the Introduction must show your reader that you have a clear idea concerning what the essay question is asking you to do. You can state what you under stand the essay question to be asking and then you can state what you will do in your argument in order to answer that essay question. You may briefly point out the steps you will take in order to reach that conclusion (e.g., pointing out the various stages your argument will take).


1.There are three important things to remember in regard to the main body of your essay :
(a) Each paragraph follows the preceding one to form a progressive argument that will lead to a specific conclusion.
(b) Each paragraph develops a key point in your discussion
(c) Each paragraph is therefore relevant to answering the question.

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