PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- PHCM9781 Board Report
Length :- Max 1500 words
Weighting :- 40 marks 40%
Task Description: Prepare a report for the CEO and Hospital Board
PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

Scenario :-
You are the Chief of Operations of an acute tertiary hospital in inner Melbourne. Your hospital’s routine practice is for all elective surgical patients to be reviewed in person by the treating surgeon or member of the surgical team generally within the first two weeks after their surgical procedure and post-discharge from hospital.

One way the quality of the surgery and care provided is measured is by reviewing the number of patients who present with post-surgical complications e.g. bleeding, infection with in 30 days of discharge from hospital. Currently your hospital is performing very well with the rate of post-surgical complications within 30 days of discharge consistently below the Victorian state benchmark.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on acute services your hospital is required to deliver some non-urgent outpatient appointments via telehealth. You are responsible for the operations of the hospital and have been tasked with helping the surgical services transition to tele health for non urgent post operative appointments.

PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

You are aware that telehealth or virtual care offers many benefits for the right patient population. Regional patients who already receive tele health services from your hospital have consistently reported high levels of satisfaction in patient experience surveys. However this telehealth service is not currently available for post-surgical patients at your hospital and the safety of this model of care has not previously been investigated. At the most recent Hospital Executive Huddle a distinguished Professor of Surgery and Head of Department expressed his reservations commenting that there is a risk that patient safety may be compromised and
potentially missing post-operative complications with telehealth visits.

The CEO has requested that you consider the available evidence to determine the appropriateness of tele health services for non-urgent post-operative surgical care at your hospital. She takes you aside and stresses that which ever way you recommend there should be no increase in the number of post-operative surgical complications other wise we will never hear the end of it.

Prepare your response to the CEO and Hospital Board, by first critically appraising each of two papers listed above.

Using your critical appraisal skills please write a report max 1500 words to the CEO and Hospital Board advising them that you support or reject the implementation of a tele health / virtual care service for non-urgent post-surgical outpatient appointments at your hospital.

PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

To do this you will need to consider the important methodological shortfalls you have identified from your critical appraisal, an understanding and analysis of the results and thesignificance of their findings. Finally you should apply the study findings that are relevant to your hospital and clinical service and where appropriate, make evidence-based recommendations.

Carefully explain your reasons, arguing for or against the intervention(s) based on the two articles above and applying the different principles of EIDM you have learned during this course. Please see A3 Marking Criteria for a breakdown of the recommended report structure word count and allocated marks.

PHCM9781 Board Report Assignment

Learning outcomes :-
• Critically appraise a scientific publication for its strengths and weaknesses and its relevance to the health management research question
• Identify the possible impact of all other factors that are to be taken into consideration when seeking to implement evidence into health management practice
• Understand the meaning of knowledge and evidence and how this relates to the accepted knowledge base and to one’s own decision making
• Identify the role of the level of evidence managers required according to the different types of decisions that managers make
• Introduce the approaches tocommunicating evidence-based medicine/science with your staff and patient populations

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