Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

Unit Title :- Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability
Word/time limit :- 1000 words (+/- 10%)
Assignment details
Read through the following information to understand and meet the requirements of this assignment.
Part A
Step 1: Read Case study 1. You must respond to this case study.
Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

Case study 1 :-
Mrs O has been receiving home care services for several years. She has dementia and her needs have gradually increased, but she is capable of living semi-independently for now. Her two children live nearby and at least one of them visits daily. Mrs O gets on well with the care staff and makes it clear to them that she wants to keep doing as much of her own housework and personal care as she can.

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

How ever her children express concern to the provider that she is no longer capable of making decisions that best meet her needs. They ask the provider to add laundry, ironing and bed making to their duties tasks that Mrs O has been doing herself until now without mishap. The care staff who look after her directly tell the service coordinator they think this change is unnecessary and risks making Mrs O un happy and affecting her confidence. The provider has to balance the wishes of Mrs O’s family with Mrs O’s own preferences.

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

The main priorities are Mrs O’s safety her well-being and respecting her wish to keep doing her daily tasks. There are certain safety and hygiene issues to consider. So far these have not arisen but may as Mrs O’s dementia progresses. A care coordinator with experience in dementia meets with Mrs O to talk about these issues. Mrs O understands the concerns being raised by her children and decides that the risks discussed with her are outweighed by the importance of benefits she gets from doing her own laundry and ironing. She agrees to a small increase in staff supervision for these activities. In explaining the plan to Mrs O’s children the coordinator emphasises how important it is for their mother to maintain a sense of independence, self-worth and purpose. The coordinator also makes it clear that the provider has carefully discussed the health and safety risks with their mother and will continue to monitor them from day to day, and welcomes further input from the family about their observations of how she is coping.

Step 2: Answer the following questions as they pertain to Case study 1.

From your under standing of diversity in older people explain how Mrs O’s case is different in terms of her needs when compared to some older people living with dementia? 

2. If you are the care coordinator how will you ensure that Mrs O despite her dementia is able to age in place? 

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

Part B
Step 3: Read Case studies 2, 3 and 4 and choose your preferred second case study.

Case study 4 :-
Soon after moving into residential aged care, Mrs S has an assessment to identify ways to help her with adjusting to her new environment. During this assessment Mrs S tells the care manager that while she is not spiritual and not sure what her religious beliefs are when she lived by herself and was still able to drive she had gone to church most Sundays. The care manager asks Mrs B some open questions to find out what church meant to Mrs S personally and learns that the weekly services were an opportunity to connect with her community see people she knew and identified with and help others by playing the church organ and visiting members of the congregation who were un well.

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

Mrs S says she doesn’t mind missing the sermons but does miss the sense of inner peace and connection with something out there she felt during silent prayer time. She adds that she regrets not being able to keep in touch with her church community or make the contributions that gave her a sense of purpose and value. After hearing this the care manager asks if she can look into and help arrange some opportunities to help Mrs S stay connected with her old church. Mrs S is pleased about this and also interested in the suggestion that she consider volunteering her skills as a pianist to accompany the residents choir. After introducing Mrs S to the choir organisers the care manager takes her to see the prayer and meditation room gives her a program showing when the regular services and meditation groups are held and when the space is free for individual use.

Step 4: Answer the following questions in response to your chosen case study. Make sure you clearly indicate your chosen case study.

Nursing Assignment Ageing In Place Wellbeing And Sustainability

1.From the case study you have chosen identify the main issue and link this to at least one principle of ageing in place.

2. Do you think that steps/actions implemented and planned as described in the case study will contribute to the older person to successfully and sustainably age in place? Justify your answer using the ageing in place framework. 

Note: The reference list is not included in the word count.

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