NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

Subject Code & Title :- NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan
Assignment Type :- Assessment 3
Word limit: 1000
Course- Introduction to research ( Masters degree).
Students will be doing either an hypothetical research project or a thesis (depending on what course enrolled in). This assignment allows students to start thinking about the different elements needed in a research project and the order and time of completing the tasks. The emphasis is on a timeline and the different steps required in undertaking primary research. You need to describe in 1000 words your project plan and the steps contained in a research project focussing on your particular project that includes a rationale for each step.
NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

You need to include a table or a GANTT chart to show the milestones and timeline for the project showing the research activities and when they will be undertaken. This may be for a 12, 18 or 24 month time period but would be dependent on your individual research project.

This assignment is specific to your intended research project or your hypothetical research project and is about planning and the steps that will need to be undertaken in or to complete in timely manner. it is not regarding a study plan to complete a degree. Please refer to Week 6 study plan and the rubric for further information on the steps involved in planning out a research project and completing it in a timely manner.

Please follow the guide below for the steps involved and will give you a brief idea of my research involved, you can do the assignment based on this:

NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

 The background and significance

Esophageal adenocarcinoma is increasing in incidence. In my unit, it is seen more in males compared to females. Tobacco smoking is one of the main risk factors causing eosophageal carcinoma (Wang, 2017) . I have seen that most of the patients with this cancer are male and above 30 years of age and who are current smokers. As one of the major risk factors is tobacco smoking, I am interested in researching if males over 30 who have smoked for over a year have a higher risk of oesophageal cancer than men of the same age who have never smoked?

 Defining the research question

Is there a higher risk of oesophageal cancer among men over the age of 30 who have smoked for more than a year compared to men of the same age who have never smoked?

A literature review
The literature includes several articles concluding tobacco smoking as one of the major risk factors for oesophageal cancer. But there is currently minimal research on whether males above 30 years who have smoked for over a year have a higher risk of oesophageal cancer compared to men of the same age who have never smoked.

The design methodology and methods
A quantitative data collection will be made, including all male patients above 30 years both smokers and non-smokers across all the units in the hospital.

Timeline and budget
2 years and it will be funded by the hospital research foundation.

NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

Ethical approval
The proposal will be submitted to the SA Department of Health and Well being Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). It might take 8-12 weeks for approval. Informed consent will also be taken from the patients and/or their relatives/guardians.

Setting and recruitment
All medical and oncology units in FMC hospital, and all patients above 30 years smokers and non- smokers with oesophageal cancer.

Data collection
All male patients getting admitted to FMC medical and oncology units aged above 30 years including both smokers who have smoked for a year and non-smokers.

Data Entry
By the researcher- myself.

Data analysis.
Approach the medical research foundation for assistance and information.

Writing up.
My work with NP as my co-author on this document.

Publish in a journal article, such as Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal (ANMJ).

You can use this as well as a guide:
Planning Research
Planning any research project involves a number of steps and skills that are broadly based around the following:

NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

Identifying a problem or area of research in practice.
Framing the research question and developing an aim and objectives.
Searching, reviewing and critically appraising the research literature.
Identifying a research gap.

Developing the research proposal and who the subjects or participants will be and in what setting.
Deciding on the methodology – whether in the quantitative or qualitative paradigms or mixed.
Deciding on the methods of data collection that will depend on the methodology chosen.
Applying for ethical approval to the appropriate ethics committee/s.
Accessing the setting and recruiting participants for informed consent.

NURS9219 Research Project Management Plan Assessment

Data collection period.
Data entry, translation and/or transcription.
Analysis of the data – this will vary according to the methodology chosen.
Interpreting and discussing the findings from the analysis.
Writing up the report or thesis.
Identifying the limitations of the research.
Discussing the implications for education, practice and research.
Dissemination of the research findings whether at conferences or through publications.
Applying the research to education and practice.
Applying for further funding for further research

Chapters 3 – Key concepts and Steps in Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Chapter 8 – Planning a Nursing Study.

 Developing the Research Proposal in RESEARCH IN NURSING MIDWIFERY AND ALLIED HEALTH: EVIDENCE FOR BEST PRACTICE 6th 2018, pp. 102 – 136.

This assignment is about the steps and timeline as above. Please can you include more in-text citations as well, as they look more into it. Thank you.

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