NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Requirements :-
The purpose of this assignment is for you to choose five research articles from peer reviewed journals from your library search on the topic of interest that you have identified to research. This research interest is the area you will focus on for the whole of this topic for subsequent assignments.
NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Conduct an annotated bibliography on all five articles you have chosen. This assignment is written in third person.

An annotation is a succinct descriptive and evaluative paragraph (approximately 100-150 words) on each primary research article following the conventions of academic writing. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance accuracy and quality of the articles cited. A complete citation before each of the annotations is expected. You do not need to submit the articles. This process of searching the literature and annotating the articles is one of the first steps in any research. You are not limited to five articles to justify the background and significance of your research required in Assignment 4.

NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Your assignment needs to clearly state your proposed area of interest in a brief introduction and is to also include a brief conclusion.

Following the annotated bibliography students are to write a 250 word conclusion as a synthesis of findings summarise the five articles and the important points as to the relevance to the research area of interest i.e. What are the commonalities?

What are the differences How does this relate to your question? Refer to the marking rubric for further guidance as well as any guidelines on how to under take an annotated bibliography.

NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

My research question is:

Is there a higher risk of oesophageal cancer among men over the age of 30 who have smoked for more than a year compared to men of the same age who have never smoked?

I had a quick look in the databases and found 5 articles that are relevant to my research question and I couldn’t find any article which has a systematic review for my research question. You can have a look and use these or any other which you find is useful.

NURS9219 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Other requirements for the assignment:
For your search terms, you will need to use inclusion and exclusion criteria to set the boundaries on article selection for example year limits 5 years is most usual peer-reviewed papers and articles written in the English language. The year and language limits are applied at the end of the search process not at the beginning. DO NOT LIMIT THE INCLUSION CRITERIA TO FULL-TEXT ARTICLES ONLY as this will severely restrict your search results.

The reason you are searching the Cochrane library is to identify if a systematic review has been completed in your area of interest. If one has, your question has been answered and you need to find another one. If you find a literature review published in the last 5 to 10 years on your topic in the articles you retrieve then you will need to find another topic.

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