NURS3033 Leadership And Management Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NURS3033 Leadership And Management Annotated Bibliography
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Assessment 1:
An annotated bibliography is a list of reference citations, each accompanied by a description of the content and relevance to your work which you have sourced for your upcoming Assessment 2: Project Proposal.
To begin this assessment task you will need to identify which topic you are going to present in your quality improvement proposal.
NURS3033 Leadership And Management Assignment

NURS3033 Leadership And Management  Assignment

Each citation is to be followed by two sentences under each of the topics below.This is the annotation or the descriptive part of the bibliography. For example:

Your source:
Your citation/reference using full APA 7th Edition referencing.

In two to three sentences describe the source informing your assessor what the reference is about.

NURS3033 Leadership And Management Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Applicability of the source to your project:
In two to three sentences describe why this source is applicable to your project.

This Assessment 1 will be 10% of your overall course mark and will help inform your assessors that you have begun to research your proposal topic.

1. Minimum five peer-reviewed references in your list
2. All references must be published with in the last seven years
3. See course outline for format instructions
4. Word count 500 (+/- 10%)
5. Source references are not included in the word count

NURS3033 Leadership And Management Assignment

NURS3033 Leadership And Management Assignment

Document Type: Annotated Bibliography
Academic Level: University
Number of Words: 500 Words/ 2 Pages
Referencing Style: APA
References: 5

Topic :-
Scenario 2: Pressure injuries You are a newly graduated Registered Nurse working on a medical ward in a tertiary hospital. As a part of your graduate program, you have been asked to write a project proposal as both a quality improvement activity and as a demonstration of your leadership abilities. The Clinical Nurse Manager has discussed with you their concern over the recent increase in pressure area injuries on the ward. Over the last three months there have been six patients with Stage 2 or higher pressure injuries, resulting in prolonged length of stay in your hospital. The project proposal will be presented to the Director of Nursing for Medicine.

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