NURS2186 Global Mental Health Assignment

Assessment :- Assessment Task 3
Assessment Title and type :- Global Burden of Mental Illness/Report
Word Count :- 2500 words (+/- 10%) Includes in-text references excludes end text References
Weighting :- 45% of overall marks
NURS2186 Global Mental Health Assignment

NURS2186 Global Mental Health Assignment

Associated Learning Outcomes :-
1. Identify innovative mental health practices from around the world and consider the application of these to various communities.

2. Critically appraise epidemiological data on the global burden of mental illness and in particular suicide substance abuse and violence

3.Develop culturally appropriate systems of monitoring health care needs with in diverse communities and propose strategies to facilitate increased access to services and treatment for mental illness.

4.Evaluate the potential impact of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM 5 and Inter national Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems ICD 10 on the treatment of diverse communities.

Trigger Warning :-
This assessment task can be triggering for some students if you have any concerns about your ability to complete this assessment task due to lived experience please contact the course coordinator to discuss further.

Background Information :-
The purpose of this assessment task is to provide you an opportunity to engage in a global discuss around mental health issue. The issue of suicide across all age demographics and diverse communities continues to pose a challenge globally across most nations of the world. Suicide rates in Australia sit with in the top one-third of developed countries and it is estimated that by 2030 approximately 3800 people will die each year by suicide.

Many nations are working hard to find sustainable solution to the problem. Finding ways to address the issue requires the development of effective interventions that are not necessarily confined to a particular nation but rather a combination of successful evidence-based intervention across the World. The World Health Organisation proposed three intervention areas: Universal, Selective and Indicated Interventions World Health Organisation, 2014).

NURS2186 Global Mental Health Assignment

NURS2186 Global Mental Health Assignment

• Universal interventions target an entire population For example these interventions may involve improving access to health and mental health care restricting access to the means of suicide and raising awareness to reduce stigma.
• Selective interventions target vulnerable groups based on population characteristics such as age sex culture or family history.
• Indicated interventions target vulnerable individuals at risk such as those displaying early signs of suicide thoughts or who have made a suicide attempt. Interventions might include follow up support after a suicide attempt or management of mental disorders.

In Australia over the years there has been several initiatives both at the State and Common wealth Government level to address the issue of suicide all with varying levels of success (you can find examples of some of these initiatives in the document commissioned by Beyond Blue titled Evidence Check: Program and Services for suicide prevention.

One of the selective intervention strategies that is being considered in some parts of Australia is a European program called Youth Awareness of Mental Health (YAM)which is a school-based suicide prevention intervention targeting young people.

NURS2186 Global Mental Health Assignment

You are required to write a critical analytical report about this initiative focusing on the key elements of the initiative. Your report should:

1.Provide a comprehensive overview of the issue youth suicide and why it is a significant issue nationally and globally.

2. Discuss how the initiative was developed key learnings from the implementation what you would consider to be the strength and or weaknesses of the initiative and what recommendations you would make to enhance its effective ness in addressing the issue of youth suicide here in Australia.

3. Situate your discussion within the available evidence-based research on the issue of youth suicide. Draw on what is happening internationally regarding the issue of suicide and also from a wide range of sources to help inform your discussions.

4.Propose suggestions for future policy direction to address the issues you have discussed.

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