NURS1066 Critical Analysis of Care With in Mental Health Assignment

Assessment :- Assessment Task 3
Assessment Title and type :- Critical Analysis of care within Mental Health
Word Count :- 2,500 words (+/- 10%) Includes in-text references excludes end text References
Weighting :- 50%
Associated Learning Outcomes :-
1. Critically review historical and contemporary of mental health and mental illness
2.Explore the emergence of the recovery model with in mental health nursing practice and consider its implications for future care
3.Critically analyse the ethico-legal requirements that guide treatment of people living with mental illness with in health care settings.
NURS1066 Critical Analysis of Care With in Mental Health Assignment

NURS1066 Critical Analysis of Care With in Mental Health Assignment

Background Information :-
In this essay you are required to select a particular mental illness that has been covered in this unit that has been experienced by a consumer you were involved with clinically please ensure to note the clinical environment this takes place. You will be required to provide a brief summary of the consumer for context such as the various psychosocial and physical impacts mental illness can have. Please remember to de identify your consumer for confidentiality purposes.

You are to discuss the aetiology, diagnostic criteria and impact from the consumers perspective regarding the particular mental illness you have selected. You will then need to identify and evaluate practice guidelines such as ones published by NICE or Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). By critically evaluating the chosen guideline you need to examine how your chosen consumers treatment with in the particular clinical area Inpatient Unit Community Continuing Care Emergency Department as a few examples aligns with the guidelines and what gaps or challenges there may be.

Read the following instructions carefully to complete this part of the assessment for this course.
1.You are required to select a mental illness covered in this unit and identify a consumer you have been involved with clinically.

a. Outline the aetiology of the chosen mental illness and diagnostic criteria.

Assessment Task 1 Instructions
b. Provide a brief background summary of the consumer including possible impacts the mental illness has had on the consumer.
c. Identify and analyse a clinical practice guideline relevant to the mental illness from sources such as NICE, RANZCP (can be other sources).
d. Based on your analysis of clinical practice guideline evaluate how the treatment and holistic care of the consumer aligns with the guidelines and any possible gaps you are able to identify.

2.You must support your work with references. This means that you will need to review and integrate relevant literature not just guidelines that supports your discussion right throughout your report.

3.Please post all questions upon the Canvas Discussion Boards as this will allow all students to benefit from the answers.

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