NURBN1015 Annotated Bibliography Assessment 2a

Task weighting :-
WORD LIMIT : Total word limit = 600 words (+/- 10%) 200 words each article For this assessment task the headings article reference are not included in the word limit.
NURBN1015 Annotated Bibliography Assessment 2a – Australia

NURBN1015 Annotated Bibliography Assessment 2a

This assessment task requires you to summarise and evaluate the literature that gives information about the clinical question you have chosen (options provided on page 3). You will appraise THREE (3) peer-reviewed primary research articles and prepare an annotated bibliography. ONE (1) article will be provided to you on Moodle, and you must search for and choose TWO (2) other articles yourself.

Writing annotated bibliographies is very useful as it allows you to identify and evaluate the published literature in an open and transparent manner. It is therefore important to include the following elements in your annotated bibliography:

• A full citation of the source (using a referencing style APA, 7th)
• A general statement about the author’s purpose for writing the source
• A short summary of the content
• An evaluation of the content
• Reflection on the usefulness of the source for assessment task 2b.

• Use Word doc format only (For those students with Mac computers please convert to a Word file equivalent. No other file types will be accepted.
• Submit the Annotated bibliography as a single document.
• Font size 12, normal margins, and double line spacing.
• Your student ID and unit code e.g.: 12345678_NURBN1015 should be in the header with page numbering in the footer e.g., page 1 of 10.
• Please include a word count at the end of each annotation.
• Attach an assignment title page with Assessment task 2a Annotated bibliography your name student ID number course code and campus.

The Annotated bibliography is to be submitted online via Moodle.
Step 1 – Complete the Annotated Bibliography Plagiarism Declaration Upon completion of the declaration the Annotated Bibliography Turnitin link will become accessible.
Step 2 – Submit your single document through the Annotated Bibliography Turnitin link.
Step 3 – Check Turnitin report and make amendments to ensure your own words are used and all references and reference list are cited as per the APA 7th referencing style. You can resubmit to Turnitin up to three times.
Step 4 – Re-submit the paper after you have made amendments by the due date and time.
Step 5 – Congratulate yourself on completing task 2a.

NURBN1015 Annotated Bibliography Assessment 2a


Choose ONE topic to complete Assessment tasks 2a and 2b.

Clinical question choice 1: Pressure injury prevention

Dario is a student nurse working in an aged care facility and is looking after Mr George Florentine an 82-year old man who suffered a stroke four months ago. He is not able to mobilise with out assistance. It was handed over that Mr Florentine needs re-positioning every 2 hours. However Dario’s buddy nurse says that is not necessary as he has a pressure relieving mattress.

The following article is to be used in your annotated bibliography. You will still need to source two (2) further articles that are up to 7 years old to complete the annotated bibliography.

Clinical question choice 2: Nutrition in wound healing

Amelia is a student nurse working in a residential facility caring for Iris Johnson a 92-year-old female with a ulcerative wound to her left lateral malleolus. The ulcer is 2cm in diameter and sloughy in appearance with minimal hemoserous exudate. Iris has been prescribed vitamin D and folic acid supplements to help with the healing process, however Amelia’s buddy nurse says that this is silly because nutrition has nothing to do with wound healing.

The following article is to be used in your annotated bibliography. You will still need to source two (2) further articles that are up to 7 years old to complete the annotated bibliography.

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