NUR540 Literature Review Assessment

Subject Code & Title :- NUR540 Literature Review
Assignment Type :- Assessment
Nurses are well placed to conduct healthcare research as they will encounter a range of practice issues throughout their career. Understanding how to conduct a literature review is an important step in the EBP process (acquire the evidence- extract the data).
NUR540 Literature Review Assessment

NUR540 Literature Review Assessment

Instructions for Assessment 2:
For assignment 2 students will conduct a literature review on a relevant health care practice issue. Students will critically review and synthesise the literature to develop recommendations for change.

1. Word limit: 1500 words.
2. Font: Calibri 12, Times New Roman 12, Ariel 12.
3. Line spacing: 1.5
4. Reference system APA 7 th
5. Header: student number (six digits) Unit Code
6. Footer: Reference system used, total word count, page number.
7. Submission: Safe Assign via Ultra file format. Doc or .docx

NUR540 Literature Review Assessment

Let’s break this down-
You can choose your own topic- any healthcare practice issue. You may find this noted in the literature or you are aware of this and go looking in the literature to find out what has been done to date or what should be done.

The next point: critically review and synthesise the literature to develop recommendations for change.

NUR540 Literature Review Assessment

Critically review- use critical analysis to see what sources say the same thing or have conflicting arguments. How do they justify the arguments?

Synthesise- in other words put more than one source with another to argue the same point. You should only use research papers systematic reviews, integrative literature reviews and scoping reviews. Do not use professional websites as this is about what is known in the literature not what professionals groups know.

Some tips- you should be able to go to any paragraph and write beside it the topic of that one paragraph.

No paragraph should be without a reference- all strong statements need to be supported by a citation.

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