NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

Subject Code & Title :- NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice
Assignment Type :- Assessment 2
Word Limit :- 2000 words
As a computer-generated document in Word format.
• 1.5 spaced using Arial or Calibri font in size 11 or 12
• In clear coherent Australian English that demonstrates progression towards the standard for written communication for professional nursing practice in Australia.
• Written in third person narrative.
• Using appropriate professional terminology
• Contents page, title page, introduction and conclusion are NOT required
• Unless otherwise indicated, no acronyms, abbreviations and/or nursing jargon
• Unless otherwise indicated, grammatically correct sentences and topic paragraphs are required. Dot points only accepted in the nursing care plan.
• No more than 10% over or under the stated word count. Marking will cease at the 10% over mark.
o Note: Headings any task information copied in and in text citations are included in the word count. 100 words have been included in the word count to account for the headings with in the nursing care plan template.
• Use of trade names is not acceptable.Only generic terms or names are to be used when referring to specific medications or other prescribed treatments or resources that may be used in nursing practice.
NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

Case study 1: Mr XXX
Mr XXX is a 60-year-old man referred by his GP to the cardiology clinic. Mr XXX has known severe left ventricular systolic impairment secondary to ischaemic heart disease with extensive peripheral oedema diagnosed as decompensated heart failure.

His past medical history includes diabetes type 2 treated with insulin and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. On examination Mr XXX was generally well with no shortness of breath at rest orthopnoea chest pain palpitations or syncope. Mr XXX works as a taxi driver and has limited physical activity recently he is having been trying to walk at least 30 minutes each day but reports feeling fatigue and breathlessness with his ordinary physical activity. His vital signs were with in the normal range: BP sitting 122/58mmHg and standing 112/55mmHg, HR 70bpm, Spo2 97% on RA, temperature 36.2ºC. Mr XXX GP noted a significant increase in his weight compared his weight is now 87kg up from 75kg two months ago.

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

 Severe left ventricular systolic impairment
 ischaemic heart disease
 T2DM
 Peripheral Neuropathy

His current medications includes:
 bumetanide 1mgtwice daily
 spironolactone25mg once daily
 aspirin 75mgonce daily
 metformin 1gtwice daily
 NovoMix® 30
 ramipril 5mgtwice daily
 simvastatin40mg once daily
 bisoprolol3.75mg once daily and
 Bendroflumethiazide5mg twice weekly.

Task 1: Consider the patient based on the case scenario and in grammatically correct sentences:

• Define the patient’s current medical condition/disease.
• Explain the pathophysiology of the disease.
• Discuss how the current presentation relates to the patients past medical history?

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

Task 2: Care plan
Based solely on the case study you have received and using the template provided (see example below), complete a nursing care plan for your chosen patient. Your plan must address the physical, functional, and psychosocial aspects of care.

Download the Nursing below Care Plan Template

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

In the above template two (2) nursing problems have been provided for you. For each nursing problem on your care plan you need to complete the following sections:

o What it is related to?
o Goal of care
o Interventions
o Rationales for interventions
o Evaluation Notes for Task 2 only
o Dot points and single line spacing may be used in the care plan template.
o Appropriate professional language must be used – legally recognised abbreviations may be used in this task (care plan) but a KEY with full terminology must be provided after the assignment references – key will be excluded from word count tally
o All rationale must be appropriately referenced (Only the rationales need to be referenced in the care plan).

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

Task 3: Patient education Discharge planning

An important aspect of nursing practice is to effectively and succinctly communicate relevant information related to ongoing disease management or prevention of deterioration on discharge. Patient education and discharge planning starts on admission and you need to provide your patient with education during your shift in preparation for discharge home.

• Explain two (2) important points/topics you will need to include in the patient’s preparation for discharge to aid healing and prevent further illness.
• One (1) strategy to assist the patient to implement the education into their daily routine.

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

Task 4: Medications

Choose at least two (2) medications that your patient has been prescribed and discuss the following:

 How does the medication work?
 Why has your patient been prescribed this medication?
 Discuss any side effects that could affect the patient.

In addition answer the questions below relating to the case study you have chosen.
According to above word count it is already 2000 but you can explain the following questions in one or two points only so just cover up with some parts of above and fit the answer within the word limit.

NUR535 Bioscience For Nursing Practice Assessment 2

Case Study:
Suggest a medication that can be used to reduce Mr XXX’s peripheral oedema? Explain the type of drug, its mechanism of action and your rationale for choosing it.

Which of Mr XXX medications would you temporarily withdraw to improve his renal function and why?

Hence answers must be straight to the points you can right it as bullet points not all the paragraphs required.

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