NUR367 Nursing Case Scenario And Analysis Assignment 

Assessment task
Case scenario and analysis

Subject Code & Title :- NUR367 Nursing Case Scenario And Analysis
Weighting :- 40%
Word Count :- 2,000 words
Task Instructions :-
Read the following case scenario and examine the leadership style exercised by the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) and the Student Nurse.The focus should be on identifying ineffective leadership styles within the case and proposing alternative leadership styles with support and critique of evidence-based theory. You are also required to examine the use of power in leadership with in the case and discuss the importance of em powering members of the healthcare team.
NUR367 Nursing Case Scenario And Analysis Assignment 

NUR367 Nursing Case Scenario And Analysis Assignment 

Remember that the focus of this analysis is on leadership and not on the nuances of clinical practice.

Case scenario
A third-year nursing student who was on ward placement in a large teaching hospital approached a Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) who had 5 years’ managerial experience with the purpose of promoting an evidence based intervention to enhance patient care and reduce costs. The student had been on the placement for 10 weeks and felt like an established member of the team.The proposed intervention was to change current practice where by peripheral cannul as were removed and replaced every 96 hours and align practice with the findings of a Cochrane review which stated that peripheral cannulas should be removed only when clinically indicated. Such an intervention would reduce costs and improve the patient experience. After hearing an explanation of the intervention the NUM was dismissive stating that care was delivered in a certain way and that this would not change. The case study takes place within the context of a busy practice environment in which patients are typically older and dependent where the NUM is frequently absent because they bear extra managerial responsibility as a result of another ward manager being signed off on long-term leave. Staff satisfaction on the ward is low.

NUR367 Nursing Case Scenario And Analysis Assignment 

Good leadership is essential to patient-centred care and staff satisfaction in the healthcare environment. All members of the healthcare team can be leaders and evidence-based theory should inform their leadership practice.

Learning Outcomes

Marking Instructions
Please refer to the marking rubric to guide your preparation of this assessment item.

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