NUR340 Nursing Essay Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NUR340 Nursing Essay
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Length :- 2000 words
Assessment 3 Essay Assessment Plan
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NUR340 Nursing Essay Assignment

NUR340 Nursing Essay Assignment

Task :-
Restrictive practices and defensive nursing measures have long been used in mental health care.
How ever there is a growing recognition of the adverse impact of these measures on clients and staff. Critically discuss restrictive and defensive practices in mental health and alternate management strategies for the containment of aggression and violence in inpatient psychiatric settings.


1.Plan your essay paragraph by paragraph
a. Introduction and Conclusion = about 100 words each
b. Main paragraphs = about 100-200 words each
c. Therefore you need between 11 – 18 paragraphs (depending on how long each paragraph is)
d. Choose 1-2 points only to talk about in each paragraph.
e. Use PEEL to write each paragraph

The below are suggestions only, and give a general guide on how you can approach this task.

What am I going to write about (what are my points)?

Things to discuss on restrictive/defensive practices could include:

• What are restrictive practices and/or defensive nursing practices?
• Why do we use them?
• How often are they used?
• Why should or shouldn’t we use them?
• What does the literature (research say)?

Also make sure you know what restrictive and/or defensive nursing practices actually are.

Critically discuss some of these practices (or all in general)

Critically discuss means to use research to explore an issue/topic. What does research say about this?

Critically discuss alternative strategies

Things to discuss could include:
• What are some alternative strategies? Check the readings in the module on behavioural emergencies. Check the reference list.
• What does research say about these alternative ways to manage aggression conflict to ensure safety?

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