NUR3020 Nursing Essay Assessment

Assessment name Written Assessment, Assessment 1a
Weighting :- 20%
Length :- The essay is 1000 words +/-10% word length includes in text referencing and excludes the reference list and appendices
Brief task description :-
This written assessment is a critical analysis of the provided case study that explores ethical responsibilities in the practices of the Registered Nurse.
NUR3020 Nursing Essay Assessment

NUR3020 Nursing Essay Assessment

Rationale for assessment task :-
As the complexities of caring for a patient in our healthcare system increases there is a need to improve our own critical thinking processes our capacity to work in complex organisations and in making decisions as a Registered Nurse in an inter disciplinary team often when conflict arises in our personal and professional responsibilities. Our ability as Registered Nurses is affected by our awareness of the importance of our ethical responsibility. Ultimately the decisions of a Registered Nurse can improve change or benefit patients families colleagues and peers.

Course Objectives measured :-
Course Objectives assessed:

1.Critically apply relevant legal and ethical principles to future health care practice situations at the level of a beginning Registered Nurse.

2.Interpret analyse and apply the nursing scope of practice in health-related scenarios.

3.Engage in critical discussion which explores the relationship between professional identity role conflict and role boundaries.

4.Interpret analyse and explain professional formation through linking theoretical concepts of caring to clinical practice environments and lifelong learning.

5. Apply exemplary communication in digital technologies and therapeutic relationships working with and leading inter-professional teams in care decision making practices.

NUR3020 Nursing Essay Assessment

Exemplar/Example provided :-
Information relating to the assessment task are provided in the Assessment tab on Study Desk. A frequently asked questions forum is available to ask relevant questions Consultation times are available several times per week as advertised on Study Desk.

Task detail :-
The case study highlights key areas in the ethical decision-making capacity of the Registered Nurse in a ward environment. The case study presents a situation where personal and professional conflict arises that requires the colleague a Registered Nurse who has been approached by an Enrolled Nurse with information that causes tension a need for solid professional judgement and for sound conflict resolution.

Your Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) is keen to develop graduate nurse skills. The NUM is aware that the situation raises concern in the clinical area and to ensure that all staff are equipped with the skills required to approach and manage these situations appropriately your Nurse Unit Manager seeks a:

1. Critical evaluation of the ethical principles arising from this case that relates to the conduct of the Enrolled Nurse.

2.Summary of the key ethical principles in relation to your professional role as a Registered Nurse.

Case Study

2.The news paper article and excerpt from the Tribunal report provides the scenario for the assignment.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA) Tribunal Outcome in 2021 report Synopsis from the report

NUR3020 Nursing Essay Assessment

NUR3020 Nursing Essay Assessment

On 17 July the nurse was at work and made comments to colleagues to the effect that she had helped the deceased to die, that she was proud of this and that she believed in euthanasia believed that it should be discussed and more of it should occur. She referred to herself as the angel of death, and as Dr Kevorkian.

When questioned about these statements by her employer the respondent admitted that the morphine she had administered to the deceased was not a normal dose because she was not going to let the deceased suffer and said that she had acted in the best interests of the deceased. Following this her employment was terminated on about 26 August 2014. Her registration as an enrolled nurse expired on 30 May 2015. At the hearing she said that she had not worked since, as a nurse or other wise.

The complete Tribunal report is included in the ‘Assessment Tab Assignment 1a on study desk.

Assessment Guidelines
Guidelines / structure

Your assessment is required to be developed in the style of an essay for submission A recording is provided in the Assessment tab that outlines each section of the assignment in detail.

The essay is to contain the following sections:
a. Introduction the introduction needs to provide the reader with an outline of the intended discussion based on the newspaper article, the AHPRA Tribunal outcomes and the ethical principles arising.

b. Critical Evaluation – This section is a critical evaluation of the ethical principles arising from the case. It is not a discussion about euthanasia. The critical evaluation must relate to the conduct of the Enrolled Nurse and the discussion held with the Registered Nurse in the included newspaper article. The critical evaluation must be supported by peer reviewed journal articles and evaluate the ethical principles arising in relation to conflict in the case study.

c. Presentation of Key Findings – A summary of the main points and key findings that specifically relate to the overarching professional responsibilities of the Registered Nurse. These professional responsibilities will include a summary of the ethical obligations of the Registered Nurse and how these were communicated with colleagues. A conclusive summary of the key points raised must be presented to conclude the assignment.

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