NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

Subject Code & Title : NUR245 Nursing
Assessment Type : Assignment
Task Description : 
For this assessment task you will develop a person centred narrative about an older person. You will need to engage with an older person over a three-week period through some semi structured conversations. You are encouraged to keep notes in a journal about your conversations with the older person and the information that you have elicited.
NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

This task should highlight your understanding about the older person across four domains :
(i) personal history/biography;
(ii) experiences of ageing;
(iii) chronic conditions/comorbidities and 
(iv) wishes for their future.

Based on your journal entries/notes you will need to craft a person-centred narrative (in the form of an essay) that addresses the above four domains: (i) personal history/biography; (ii) experiences of ageing; (iii) chronic conditions comorbidities; (iv) wishes for the future.  You will develop your person-centred narrative (in the form of an essay) that address the above domains. For at least of two of the domains, you must also identify and explain one key need of the older person (two key needs) and analyse these needs in the context of person-centred care using peer-reviewed literature.

NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

Other important information
Webinars in weeks 1 and 2 of the study period have been designed to support you to undertake your AT1. By the end of Webinar 2 your should have a template of prompt questions that you can use to engage in conversation with the older person.

You will need to submit a signed NUR245 consent form AT1  with your narrative. It must be signed by you and the older person whom you will be meeting with and uploaded into the submission folder with your assessment. If this consent form is not provided your work will not be assessed.

There are three checklists designed to help you with this task, the first one is called Guidance for Assessment Checklist in Module 1.3. The second is called AT1 Checklist in Module 1.16

And the third and final checklist is available here (and on the next page) : Assessment task 1 Final Checklist.

NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

Instructions :
As part of this assessment task you will be required to engage with your peers in discussions about the experience of conducting a person-centred conversation. You will need to submit your discussion post(s) as an appendix to your assignment submission forming part of your submission document.

AT1 Discussion Board Posts
Select Communication from the drop-down menu above, then
select Discussions then select Assessment Task 1: Discussion Board Posts.

NUR245 Nursing Assignment 

As per your assessment task and rubric, you must create a new discussion thread that reflects on the experience of conducting a person centred conversation with an older person. You are also encouraged to reply to at least one other student’s work commenting upon the aspects of their reflection that were most insightful. This discussion board will close

Members of the teaching team will be intermittently monitoring your discussion posts and may also provide additional guidance as needed.

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