NUR132 Clinical Case Scenario Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NUR132 Clinical Case Scenario
Description: Clinical Case Scenario
Assignment format :- Written report
Assessment percentage/weighting :- 40%
Word Count :- 2,000 words +/- 10% (the Reference List is NOT included in the word count)
NUR132 Clinical Case Scenario Assignment

NUR132 Clinical Case Scenario Assignment

Nursing context :-
To ensure appropriate person-centred care is provided to all patients nurses need to understand and demonstrate culturally safe care and effective communication.This is particularly challenging when patients have experienced previous harm.This harm may be related to a previous healthcare experience, previous life trauma or generational behaviours. The use of person-centred therapeutic skills is therefore integral to providing culturally safe care and it aligns with the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice. The following case study allows students to consider how they might approach situations where individuals are reluctant to seek care.

Learning Outcomes :-
• Identify verbal and non-verbal communication strategies and standards that enable therapeutic communication and interprofessional relationships
• Explain how cultural sensitivity and cultural safety aid in the establishment of effective communication with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other multicultural communities
• Demonstrate a high level of written and spoken English according to academic conventions and professional nursing standards
• Identify access and effectively utilise relevant and credible evidence-based research for person-centred practice
• Demonstrate effective communication through clinical handover and the legal documentation of essential information in healthcare records to ensure patient safety

Clinical case scenario
Read the following case study.

Leo is a 50-year-old man living in your local community Leo suffers from several co-morbities Leo is an Aboriginal person and lives with his wife and three children (aged 12 – 20). Leo is reluctant to engage with health care due to a previous bad experience where he felt judged due to his cultural background. He has heard you are a new nurse working in his area and has been convinced by his wife and children to attend for a health check-up and care plan.

Task requirements :-
Using your knowledge of effective communication and cultural safety that has been gained in this unit write a report with sub-headings which covers the following points:

1.What role does effective communication play in building successful therapeutic relationships? What specific communication techniques can the nurse use to develop a therapeutic relationship with Leo? Ensure you consider a range of communication techniques and justify your choices.

2.Why is cultural safety important in building successful therapeutic relationships? What specific cultural safety strategies can the nurse demonstrate to develop a therapeutic relationship with Leo?

NUR132 Clinical Case Scenario Assignment

NUR132 Clinical Case Scenario Assignment

3.What documentation is required to record the nurse’s interactions with Leo? Use the documentation appropriate to Northern Territory (Australia) .

Assignment tips :-
1.Write an introduction that provides a context for this situation and tells the reader how the topics will be covered.
2.Write a conclusion which summarises the key points from your discussion.
3.Ensure you demonstrate critical thinking in your analysis of the topics and support your points with current evidence-based research. A minimum of 8 references are required from peer-reviewed journals in the last 10 years. A separate Reference List should be included at the end of the assignment.
4.Use CDU APA 7th referencing for both your in-text and end-of-text Reference List
5.Use sub-headings to help the reader navigate your text. These should be words or short phrases only.
6.Use the following formatting:
a.Font: Times New Roman or Calibri
b. Spacing: 1.5 or 2
c. Alignment: Justified
d. Footer information: given name_family name_student number_assignment number + page number

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