NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Length :- 1000 words +/-10% (word length includes in-text referencing and excludes your reference list and appendices)
Weighting :- 40%
Brief task description :- Write an essay of 1000 words which discusses how climate change impacts the health status of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia.
NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Assignment

NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Assignment

Rationale for assessment task :-
This assessment task allows students to develop their professional writing and communication skills focusing on writing and supporting arguments in a professional manner. The task provides an opportunity for students to evaluate sources of information synthesise ideas gained from academic texts and in corporate reference material in an appropriate manner. This assessment has been designed to consider impacts of climate change on Indigenous health. The healthcare system will need to adapt rapidly to episodes of extreme heat, bush fires smoke and infectious disease out breaks. The health sector must also reduce its own carbon emissions to avoid contributing further to climate change. Nurses in clinical practice have great potential to enact climate protective actions. Climate change threatens the very foundations of human health and existence. Health professionals are increasingly being looked to for leadership and their sustained commitment is dealing with critical gaps in climate science policy and advocacy.

Course Objectives measured :-

Graduate Attributes :-
Critical creative thinkers who can integrate and apply knowledge and relevant skills, including research and digital literacy skills to analyse and evaluate ideas concepts theories and problems and offer insights innovative approaches and solutions.

Effective communicators and collaborators who actively and respectfully lead listen reflect discuss and negotiate in order to work productively with a range of individuals and groups including professional teams.

Ethical engaged professionals and citizens who engage in non-discriminatory safe practices and consider the local global social economic legal and environmental influences on and impact of their attitudes and actions.

NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Assignment

Well in formed individuals with discipline specific expertise and industry knowledge relevant to their profession or area of study Culturally safe individuals who are self-aware and sensitive to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander knowledge and perspectives equitable and respectful of diversity and multiculturalism & can apply these capabilities in their professional practice.

Task detail :-
Climate change can impact both the integrity of health system infrastructure and the effectiveness of service operations through environ mental interruptions increased demand and reduced work force capacity Health care services in remote areas are at particular risk due to climate extremes and levels of isolation.

Nurses comprise about 60% of health professionals medical doctors nurses mid wives dentists & pharmacists world wide working in many clinical and public health sectors. Their collective potential to change the trajectory of climate action is un paralleled. Nurses are trusted and they are often the first health provider people meet when they are seeking care Nurses work closely with the people most vulnerable to climate change. Many nurses work for people who are underserved or marginalized, or both.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in Australia are especially vulner able to the impacts of climate change For those Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in remote parts of Australia increases in temperature will reduce the amount of bush tucker and other native foods available For people in coastal areas rises in sea levels may force people off their land. This is especially concerning considering the connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to their Country and may result in poor mental health and other social issues. Extre me weather events such as cyclones and floods will affect the infrastructure in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and these communities may be cut off from services for long periods.

Write an essay of 1000 words that discusses how climate change impacts or potentially impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing.

NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Assignment

NUR1204 Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health Assignment


1.What are the impacts or potential impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing?

2.What issues or potential issues are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians facing?

3.How does/could climate change affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities?

4.What are the implications for policy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services?

Use as a guide only
Planning your assignment is essential. You must ensure that you:

• Know when the assignment is due
• Understand the assignment question and instructions provided including word count format and structure of the final product
• Focus only on relevant research and reading materials use reference materials provided and take lecturer’s advice on how widely you should search for literature
• Don’t procrastinate – JUST START! It will not be perfect on the first draft
• Leave the draft for a few days then revise it and re-revise if necessary
• Follow guidelines in terms of presentation
• Make and keep a copy of the assignment
• Understand what referencing is required and familiarise yourself with tips for avoiding plagiarism
• Understand and review the assignment task sheet and marking rubric
• Underline key words in the task information
• Search and understand the literature on the topic
• Use only contemporary literature that is less than six (6) years old
• Begin your search of relevant articles using key words to narrow your search

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