NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NUR100 Health Promotion Poster
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weighting :- 35%
Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) Assessed
1. CLO1 Reflect on and appraise the concept of family in contemporary society to inform decision making in child youth and family healthcare practice.
2. CLO2 Identify key health priorities and healthpromotion principles and use these to develop evidence‐based health promotion practices.
3. CLO3 Apply the principles of Social Justice as they relate to health inequalities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families.
4. CLO4 Apply principles and practices of academic communication.
NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment

Assessment criteria and rubric
Criteria 1: 
Identification of key health prioritiesfor children in Australia.
Uses health priority to develop evidence‐based health promotion practices
Criteria 2: Identify and apply principles of health promotion and primary health care to the review of an issue in health care.
Criteria 3: Recognise the principles of equity rights and accessfor Aboriginal and Torres StraitIslanders
with in the identified proposed health promotion program/activity.
Criteria 4: Development of a poster presentation which succinctly outlines and promotes the proposed program activity.
Criteria 5: Apply the principles and practices of academic communication.
Criteria 6: Referencing in the style appropriate to the discipline APA 7 Ethical use of intellectual property

The weighting for this assessment is 35%.

Task instructions :-
You have been invited to present a health promotion poster at a local Child and Family Health Expo.
Your health promotion Poster will be aimed at a health topic taken from the Children’s Head line Indicators. You will focus this for one 1 specific target group demo graphic selected from below. You will develop a novel health promotion education program activity that you will explain through the poster. The poster will creatively demonstrate how you would approach the education program activity It will include information and image(s) related to or of the health promotion proposal to engage your audience.

Topics :
The topics have been taken from the Children’s Headline Indicators. Please choose one 1 of the following topics.
1.Dental health
2.Health literacy

The focus group for your presentation will be one of the following (choose one (1):
1.pregnant mothers
2. Infants
3. early childhood 1‐5 years aged children – 5‐13 years
6.young people ‐ 15‐24 years

NOTE: If your health promotion is aimed at the parents of children you will need to nominate it is the parents and which children age group from the list above.

You can choose to target specific groups within the chosen group e.g., Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rural and remote children with a disability refugees Culturally and Linguistically Diverse CALD Disabled single parents LGBTI+ etc.

NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment

Poster Presentation :-
Select one of the poster templates provided. Include the following information.
1.Identify the health issue and why this is a priority area
2. The target group should be clearly identified with the poster identifying why this issue is significant to this group Note: If parents of children, such as for a health literacy health proposal also include the age group of the children targeted? E g., infants, early childhood etc.)
3. The poster should promote a key health promotion activity and message specifically aimed at the target group
4. The context of the health promotion should reflect the age demographic cultural and/or social influences of the group. If it is not a health program specifically targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mother’s or children, please include discussion of how your proposal will address this group).
5. Include two (2) clear examples of health promotion principles underpinning the health promotion proposal. Select 2 from the following health promotion principles
o Strengthen community action
o Develop personal skills
o Create supportive environments
o Reorient health services
o Build healthy public policy

5.Include two (2) clear examples of how the principles of primary health care are included in the proposed promotion/activity. The principles of primary health care principles include

NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment - Australia

6.Think about how the health care will be provided in the community and how the 2 principles are evidenced e.g. equity and access of your program cultural sensitivity intersectoral collaboration.

NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment

7.Scholarly references e.g., current peer reviewed journal articles and textbooks published ideally within the last 5 years but no more than 10 years Australian government agency websites used to support your discussion and included in the reference list.

o The reference list must fit onto the poster template.
o Content should be engaging and relevant to the target audience with a key health promotion message high lighted
o Headings in the body of the poster must not be changed
o Content should be 800 – 1000 words with no more than 1000 words (excluding reference list).

Please choose one of the poster templates provided. Ensure your name and student number is included Personalising the poster in colours and with images of your own choosing is encouraged to add interest for the reader and engage your audience.

NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment

NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment – Australia

Helpful tips for poster design
1. Select one of the templates provided – this can be individualised with your content and images and colours can be changed to suit your poster design.
2. Ensure you have checked that writing is readable (be careful if using images behind text).
3. If using colours to ensure text is readable and colour is not overused.
4. View the template at 100% prior to submission to ensure text is clear and readable.
5. Keep fonts the same throughout the poster (Headings may differ from the section texts).
6. Keep information on poster balanced
7. Include images or informatics relevant to the subject that will provide interest for the reader

Refer to weeks 1‐6 learning materials and assignment recordings.
Choose 1 of the poster templates found in Task 2 Assessments.

Completing the Assessment
The marking criteria has been attached as a downloadable pdf document below.
A video of how this assessment will be marked has also been included. Remember to have the information for the task marking rubric and access to APA 7 available. Links to other supporting materials or USC support are provided in the Assessments tab in Canvas Modules. Frequently asked questions are provided below. Check Discussions for Task 2. Remember to scroll up and check if your question has already been asked.

NUR100 Health Promotion Poster Assignment

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