NSG3RDP Recognising & Responding To Deteriorating Patient Assessment

Assessment activity 2
Subject Code & Title :- NSG3RDP Recognising & Responding To Deteriorating Patient
Word Count :- -1000 words
Context :- The purpose of this assessment task is designed to provide you with early feedback as to how you are progressing throughout this subject.
NSG3RDP Recognising & Responding To Deteriorating Patient Assessment

NSG3RDP Recognising & Responding To Deteriorating Patient Assessment

Reflective practice happens when you explore an experience you have had to identify what happened and what your role in this experience was – including your behaviour and thinking and related emotions. This allows you to identify changes to your approach for similar future events. If reflective practice is performed comprehensively and honestly, it will lead to improved performance.

Reflective practice is increasingly being considered as a critical dimension of professional development for health professionals. Professional standards and credentialing processes to demonstrate continuing competence for most health professionals now require demonstrations of reflection or reflective practice.

One model of reflective practice developed by Driscoll (2007) suggests the following

1.WHAT – Description/ explanation of what was done, may include discipline-specific language

2.SO WHAT – Critical evaluation or relevance of what was done

3.NOW WHAT – Conclusion and recommendation based on the writer’s experience

Some examples of models of reflective practice include:
1.Atkins and Murphy model
2. Gibbs model
3.Kolb model
4.Schon model
5.Driscoll model
6.Brookfield model
7.Johns model

Task :-
This 1000 word written assessment task is based on your attendance at the six simulations in this subject and your learning experiences from these activities You are to select one model of reflection from the list of seven reflective models above. You are to answer the following questions 1-5 using your chosen model of reflection to frame your answers.

This assessment is due three weeks after the completion of your theory and is designed to provide you with early feedback.

This Task is aligned with the following Subject Intended Learning Outcomes
2. Apply the clinical reasoning cycle to provide person centred care for individuals experiencing adeterioration in health in order to provide safe nursing care.
3.Develop an awareness of and contribute to the risk management strategies of a health care agency, in order to implement incident reporting procedures and apply risk management procedures

Instructions :-
Please answer the following questions as instructed
Identification of your chosen model of reflection is required and the subheadings your chosen model employs. It is expected this section will reference the published literature. For example: The model I have selected for my reflections on the immersive simulation is the model by Johns as shown below

Johns Model of Reflection
DESCRIPTION Describe the experience and what were the significant factors?
REFLECTION What was I trying to achieve and what are the consequences?
INFLUENCING FACTORS What things like internal/external/knowledge affected my decision making? Could I have dealt with it better What other choices did I have and what were those consequences?

LEARNING What will change because of this experience and how did I feel about the experience? How has this experience changed my ways of knowing?

NSG3RDP Recognising & Responding To Deteriorating Patient Assessment

NSG3RDP Recognising & Responding To Deteriorating Patient Assessment

Question 1
Has my perception of the utility of simulations in healthcare education changed as I have moved through the immersive simulations?

Question 2
What have been the commonalities of working in a team for each of the simulations?

Question 3
If I had to tell a fellow student who had not participated in an immersive simulation how to prepare for these learning experiences what would I tell them?

Question 4
Choosing one of the immersive simulations, what was in the scenario that surprised you the most? Why?

Question 5
What have you encountered in simulation /clinical placement that you can use in future simulation/clinical placement?

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