NSG3101 Nursing Care C Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NSG3101 Nursing Care C
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Part A – 20%, Part B – 20% – Total marks 40%
This assessment is divided into two parts Part A Written submission and Part B – Group presentation with documented minutes of group meetings
Part A – Comprises a 3000-word group report (each member of the group will contribute 1000 words – Sections 1,2, or 3 as per assessment instructions below).
Individual report
Part B – Group video presentation of complete report (combined individual sections) –10-minute online presentation using media of choice
NSG3101 Nursing Care C Assignment

NSG3101 Nursing Care C Assignment

Learning Outcomes :
This assessment aligns to the following curriculum learning outcomes.

2. utilise the National Health Priorities and the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions to discuss the care that nurses provide to people with chronic conditions

6.evaluate the burden chronic, complex illness and disability has on the healthcare system and identify possible future improvements

7.critically reflect on the role of the registered nurse in care coordination inter professional care and communication for persons with chronic, complex illness and disability

Assessment Overview And Requirements
“National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs) were established in response to the World Health Organization’s Global Strategy for Health for All by the year 2000 and sought to focus public attention and health policy on these areas that were considered to contribute significantly to the burden of disease in Australia” AIHW (2018). The NHPAs currently consist of nine priority areas in relation to chronic diseases.

To demonstrate your understanding of the National Health Priority Areas you are required to complete Parts A & B of this assessment as outlined below.

Part A Written Report :
Part A of this assessment requires you to work collaboratively in groups of 3. Each member of the group will work individually on either section 1,2 or 3 to produce a 1000-word document b which will form part of the overall presentation report. Which member of the group does which section is up to you as a group to decide.

Your individual report must be evidence-based, use current literature and use APA 7 th referencing style. A minimum of 15 references is required and references must be no older than 5 years except if required textbooks.

You will need to research, identify and discuss the following in your report:

A) Section 1 – The Australian National Health Priorities for Chronic Illness.
Section 1 should include-

B) A discussion regarding the correlation between chronic disease and the National health priority areas, when were they formulated (and updated) and by whom.
C) An outline of the priority areas and prevalence of disease in each priority area using current data and statistics to support your discussion.
D) A brief discussion of the Government frameworks used to coordinate management of Chronic Disease in Australia.

Section 2 -The burden of chronic disease in the Australian context focussing on one (of your choice) of the identified health priorities i.e. diabetes asthma
Section 2 should include

1.Brief discussion of the condition and risk factors associated with it.
2.Discussion re the impact on people with this condition i.e. physical emotional financial risk of premature death or injury etc
3.Outline the burden of disease related to your chosen condition in Australia today using statistics and data to highlight impact according to age gender culture environment etc.
4.Discussion on the future projection in growth of your chosen disease.

Section 3 -The nursing implications now and into the future regarding the burden of disease and the role of the nurse in chronic illness management.

Section 3 should include

i.Discussion of the nursing implications (the nursing-related consequences) in relation to the increasing burden of disease. What does this mean when caring for people with chronic conditions in the acute setting generally and in the future.
ii.Discussion of the role of the nurse when caring for someone with a chronic disease the involvement of the multi-disciplinary team in chronic illness management.
iii.Discussion of the clinical nursing implications (nursing related consequences) related to caring for someone with more than one chronic, complex condition (multi-morbidities). What things does the nurse need to take into consideration.

These suggested inclusions are just some of the things that can be discussed.Remember You are expected to support your discussions with current, relevant literature at all times.

NSG3101 Nursing Care C Assignment

NSG3101 Nursing Care C Assignment

Upload your Section of the report to Bright space (in word document) along with separate assessment cover sheet to the respective section drop box. Please ensure you submit to the right drop box i.e. Section 1, 2 or 3. Your submission should be presented as per assessment presentation requirements:

1. Font size 12 Arial
2. Double Spaced & paper must be presented in word format only – PDF’s will not be marked.
3. Headings and sub-headings may be used in report
4. Dot points may be used if relevant to discussion.
5. Graphs and tables may be included if relevant to discussion and should be referenced. (if word limit is an issue attached as appendix)

Part B – 10 Minute Video Presentation
Part B of this assessment requires you to prepare and present the total report (Section 1,2,& 3) in an online format of your choice i.e., recorded PowerPoint presentation You Tube presentation mp 4 zoom etc with all students discussing their section of the report in the presentation. On completion of your presentation upload into the respective drop box on Bright space. Only one submission per group is required but it is essential that all students’ names are on the title page of the presentation. If your name is not on the presentation you will not receive a mark for Part B.

It is expected that all members of the group will contribute equally to the video presentation and present their individual part of the report. Part B will be marked as a group and all members of the group will receive the same mark. It is also expected that you will meet regularly (a minimum of 3 meetings) to discuss plan and prepare your presentation and brief minutes relating to meetings be documented in a word document. The word document needs to be submitted with the video presentation.

Please refer to the assessment rubric for further clarification regarding assessment requirements and marks allocated.

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