NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

Unit Code & Title :- NSG2201 Nursing Case Study
Weighting :- 20%
Word count :- 1000 words +/- 10%
Assessment Type :- Assignment
CASE SCENARIO :- Janet Hua is a 72-year-old retired teacher she was BIBA (brought in by ambulance to Monash Health post fall (this morning). Janet was playing golf with a friend and slipped on the frosty ground falling onto her left side. Janet is complaining of pain 8-9/10, localised to her left hip and buttocks.
Janet is distressed and has asked if you can contact her NOK (next of kin).
NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

Janet is diagnosed with a left #NOF (fractured neck of femur) and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning 0700hrs.

Vital signs
Temperature – 36.2°C
BP – 138/92
HR – 113
RR – 20
SpO2 – 98% RA

NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

On Examination :- Janet’s leftleg is internally rotated, and bruising is noted on her hip and buttocks.


Past history :- Osteoporosis left and right hip Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus T2DM Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) Smoker (approx. 20 cigarettes/day)
Family history : Osteoporosis, Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD)(mother); T2DM (father)
Current medications: Metformin 500mg/bd; Caltrate 1200 mg/d; Ranitidine 150mg/d;
Social: Janet is a widower, and lives alone. She has two adult sons who both live Interstate. Janet states that she has a close network of friends.

Assignment Instructions :-
This Assessment task is based on the above case scenario. There are three separate sections partsfor this assessment task that outline Janet’s perioperative journey. Ensure you complete all three parts/sections of this assessment task.

(NB. Total word count for this task is 1000 word +/- 10%, the below word count allocations for each section part is only a guide.)

NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

Part 1.

Identify and discuss the subjective and objective nursing assessment of Janet during the preoperative period.

Note : The overall goal of preoperative assessment of a patient isto identify risk factors and plan care to ensure patient safety throughout the surgical experience. It may assist you to discuss specific nursing assessment under the subheadings of subjective and objective data.

You must use evidence-based literature to support your discussion.
(eg. Textbooks; Clinical Keys; Journal articles; Government websites)

Part 2.

Describe nursing management of Janet during the intraoperative period.

Eg. What type of anaesthesia is Janet likely to receive and why? Identify and discuss considerations involved in the administration of anaesthetic agents to the older adult. Describe the role of the anaesthetic nurse during the intra operative period.

NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

You must use evidence-based literature to support the above discussion.

NSG2201 Nursing Case Study Assignment

Part 3.
Select two of the below potential complications/priority nursing problems relevant to the case scenario)that may occur in the immediate post operative period first 4 hours following return to ward. Utilising the Clinical Reasoning Cycle and evidence from the literature to support your chosen priority nursing problems and their relevance to the case scenario.

Then identify 2 relevant evidence based nursing interventions that may be used to prevent or manage each of your chosen nursing problems.

NB. Select ONLY TWOof the following potential complications/priority nursing problems:

• Pain
• Nausea and vomiting
• Airway obstruction,
• Hypoxaemia
• Hypotension

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