NSG210120 Nursing Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NSG210120 Nursing 
Assessment Type :- Assignment 3
Word count :- 1500 words (+/- 10%)
Workbook Activity (30%)
Case Scenario :- Jarrah is a 53-year-old Torres Strait Islander male who has presented to the out patient clinic for a dressing change to his infected venous ulcer. Whilst redressing his wound you notice Jarrah is rubbing his chest. When you ask him about this he tells you he thinks he has just pulled a muscle.
When you question him further he states that the chest discomfort occurs when he is walking around but is relieved once he rests with in 5 -10 mins). On further assessment he explains that the discomfort is also in his jaw. He also feels slightly nauseous.
NSG210120 Nursing Assignment

NSG210120 Nursing Assignment

Past History/Medical History: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), chronic left ankle venous ulcer current smoker hyperlipidaemia.

Medication: Metformin 500mg bd; Simvastatin 40mg/nocte

On Examination:
BP 150/95
Temp 36.8
HR 98/min
SaO2 97% RA
RR 20/min
BGL 17mmol/L
You notify the doctor to review Jarrah.

You are required to carefully read through the case scenario of Jarrah and address the below questions (1, 2 & 3).

This work book activity requires students to demonstrate an in depth under standing of the pathophysiology of a common cardiovascular condition linking this to the client’s relevant clinical manifestations and past medical history.

Students are expected to identify and discuss priority nursing assessments relevant to the client’s presentation. You are then asked to describe relevant diagnostic tests and predict results if the client was to be diagnosed with this common cardiovascular condition.

Learning Outcomes assessed:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology of common alterations in oxygenation perfusion renal/urological function regulation digestion absorption elimination and metabolism and pathophysiology of pain.
• Explain methods and techniques used to conduct a comprehensive nursing history and focused physical assessment using a systematic body systems approach.
• Identify and analyse diagnostic tests and investigations appropriate to diagnose common health problems.

NSG210120 Nursing Assignment

NSG210120 Nursing Assignment

Describe in detail the pathophysiology involved in UNSTABLE ANGINA you will need to incorporate the atherosclerotic process within your answer and link this with Jarrah’s current clinical manifestations and past medical history. Your answer must be supported with relevant evidence-based literature.

Discuss priority nursing assessment of Jarrah. Identify 4 key assessments you would perform to assess Jarrah’s current condition. Please provide a rationale for performing each of these assessments. NB. These assessments may involve a patient health history.

A) Identify and describe THREE relevant investigations/diagnostic tests that may be performed on Jarrah to assist in the diagnosis of his current condition.

B) Provide a predicted result of each of these investigations if Jarrah was to be diagnosed with UNSTABLE ANGINA.

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