NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

Subject Code & Title :- NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics
Assignment Type :- Essay
Mark loading 30%
This assessment consists of an essay, with total word count of 2000 words.
You will be given a choice of case study and you will need to use the case study for this assignment.
NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

Your essay should be written in the format of clinical reasoning.You can use headings to help you with the structure if needed.( these should align the clinical reasoning cycle)

Your essay should be written in both third person and first person language.
A list of appropriate academic references in APA 7TH format is required at the conclusion of the presentation.

You will need to complete the risk assessments of FRAT,MNA, Braden and observation charting.These must be submitted with your written assessment.


NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

Your essay MUST include:
• Discuss the impact of hospitalization on the individual considering age culture and a person-centered approach
• What are the main assessment findings which are relevant to the patient’s health and recovery consider psychosocial and physical health and risk
• Discuss relevant interventions which would support the patient.
• Identify and discuss the legal obligation of the nurse relevant to the case study.
• Explore ethical considerations relevant to the case study.
• Reflect and identify personal and professional values relevant to the legal and ethical aspects of the case study.
• When discharging the patient from the acute/subacute as applicable setting what are the most important consideration, specific to the case study consider risk other member of the team and the role of the RN during discharge.)

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1.Discussed the features and models of care used in the acute/sub-acute health care setting focusing on the role of the nurse and member of the health care team.

2. Recognising the impact of hospitalisation on the individual and develop strategies to assist an individual’s adjustment to the hospital setting.

3. Outline the admission and discharge processes high lighting the role of the registered nurse in co ordination and continuity of care.

NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

4. Apply systematic approach to health assessment for individualised person-centered care.

5. Demonstrate a developed under standing of health assessment techniques including subjective and objective data measurement vital signs blood glucose measurement skin simple wounds identifying deviations from the normal range.

6. Apply assessment findings and clinical reasoning cycle to construct a plan of care that is person centered age culturally and situation appropriate.

7. Identify the basic health care needs of individuals and associated nursing care to main tain health and well being including self-care hygiene activities of daily living sleep and rest nutrition and elimination.

8. Apply evidence-based approacheds for the screening assessment and management of major risk in hospitals.

NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

NSG1201 Nursing And Ethics Essay 

9. Identify the legal responsibilities and obligation that apply to the delivery of nursing practice.

10. Analyse critically and predict possible legal outcomes in nursing practice based on an under standing of key legal requirements.

11. Explore ethical concepts and principles that ae relevant in health care delivery.

12. Determined the ethical consideration and obligation of the registered nurse and how these differ from legal responsibilities

13. Identify investigate and resolve contemporary ethical dilemmas frequently encountered in nursing practice.

14. Reflect on their personal and professional values and beliefs influencing their nursing practice.

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