NSB334 Nursing Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- NSB334 Nursing
Task description :-
Online modules: Undertaking a holistic analysis you will complete modules that highlight critical thinking and decision making in diverse and complex health care situations across the lifespan. As part of this activity you will develop a critical essay in response to a provided case addressing key elements of nursing practice reflective of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice.
NSB334 Nursing Assignment

NSB334 Nursing Assignment

What you need to do:
After reviewing the modules and completing the self directed learning activities on black board choose ONE case study from the group of cases on the black board site under assessment two 2 and write a critical essay addressing the following information in relation to your chosen case study.

1.From the perspective of the Australian National Health Priorities
define the health problems and related disabilities associated with the medical diagnosis of the person in the case study and critically discuss the relationship of the chronic illness/co-morbidities with the associated risks for deterioration.

2. Consider and describe individual health determinants for the person in the case study that would influence health outcomes and care considerations.

3.Identify and justify three (3) secondary and/or tertiary health promotion strategies currently relevant to any person in the general population with the chronic medical conditions that the person in the case study presents with.

4.With consideration of the person in the case study’s developmental stage and their health determinants, discuss self-care management strategies that would address their unique health problems and health care needs.

Length :-
2000 words +/-10% (word length includes in-text referencing and excludes your reference list and appendices)

Estimated time to complete task: Approximately 20 hours

Weighting: Satisfactory (>=50%) or Unsatisfactory (<50%).

How will I be assessed:
You are required to achieve a satisfactory grade in each of the assessment items to receive an over all satisfactory grade for the unit.

If you do not achieve a satisfactory grade for Assessment.
Item 2 but your achieved mark grade is with in 10% or 1 grade of the pass level for the assessment item you will be eligible to attempt a re sub mission of one of these assessment pieces.

Failure to reach an initial satisfactory 4 – pass grade in assessment 2 will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the unit. You are advised to review feedback on your work prior to re-submission.

NSB334 Nursing Assignment

Presentation requirements:

The assignment should:
• Be written as an academic paper in 3rd person with a short introduction and conclusion
• Use valid contemporary peer reviewed journal articles with the addition of text books as appropriate is required to support your key points NSQHS Standards and relevant NMBA Codes of Practice may be used as references.
• Include the page number that indicates the actual page in your source where you located the evidence to support your key point in the citation.
Failure to do this will attract a reduced grade for referencing and will require resubmission.

markers will be checking references to see that you have accurately represented the source. In accurate citations or falsifying your references is academic mis conduct and will be reported.
• Use APA 7 referencing for citing academic literature
• Be submitted in electronic format as a Word document via Turnitin.
• Formatting should be as outlined below:
• Include a footer on each page with your name student number unit code and page number.
• 3 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced text
• Times New Roman, font size 12
• Double spaced

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