NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

Subject Code & Title: NSB305 Leading And Learning Building Professional Capacity
Length: 1000 words +/-10%. Word length includes in-text referencing, but not your reference list. Do not use direct quotes. Pease note markers will not mark beyond the word limit.
Weighting: Supplementary assessment. (4 Grade is the highest you may score).
Individual/Group: Individual
Formative/Summative: Summative
NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

Supplementary Assessment:
This piece of assessment is only for those students who have been approved for a supplementary assessment as per QUT’s Supplementary Policy. As a supplementary assessment regardless of the quality of your work the highest grade you will be able to achieve is a 4 grade.

Task description:
• This academic essay requires an introduction and a conclusion of approximately 100 words each.
• Use GRN literature in Part 2. of the essay.
• Part 1. should have nursing specific literature. Do not draw from any other discipline’s literature.

What you need to do to prepare:
Read the TASK instructions carefully being sure that you understand all of the key words and directive terms. Always present ‘working definitions’ that relate specifically to your task and to nursing. Use the CRA marking guide as a tool to be sure that you address all of the key concepts correctly.

NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

Using high quality and contemporary literature to support your writing:

Part 1: Describe the 4 phases of delegation from the NMBA website, file:///C:/Users/HelenPC/Downloads/Nursing-and-Midwifery-Board—Frame work—Decision-making-framework-for-nursing-and-midwifery—Advance-copy.PDF and explain how working within each of these Delegation Phases (so address each phase one at a time) enables the RN to provide person centred care and

Part 2 : Describe a collaborative nursing team (nurses only) and explain why the GRN must be able to accurately describe their scope of practice to the nursing team

NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

Literature and writing standard requirements:
This paper needs to be:

• Written as an academic paper in 3rd person, with an introduction, body and conclusion.
• This is a contemporary paper, and unless you are referring to a historical event, literature and resources need to be within 7 years of age
• Literature must be of highest possible quality, with peer reviewed research-based material as the preference.
• Textbooks may be used but to a maximum of 20% of your total reference list.
• Legitimate websites such as the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia may be used.
• Careful use of well-developed paragraphs that logically and clearly address the task instructions and marking criteria (CRA) is essential
• There is an expectation of no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
• Correct use APA referencing style is required. Un referenced material cannot be accepted as credible or accurate.
• Submit as a WORD document only.

NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

Format of assignment :
Your assignment should be formatted and presented as follows:

• Create your own cover sheet, that shows your name, student ID, Unit code and Unit Name, the name of the Unit coordinator, the due date of the assessment piece and the word count.
• Include a ‘footer’ on each page with your name, student number, unit code and page number.
• 3 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced text
• Submit in times new roman/arial, font size 12 as a Word document only.
• APA style referencing with the added expectation that page numbers are identified in all intext referencing.
• Headings and sub-headings may be used to structure your assignment if you prefer
• To be submitted in electronic format via Turnitin as a Word document only.

NSB305 Building Professional Capacity Assessment 

Assessment Support :
Go to Support for Learning on the Blackboard site or contact HiQ in the library for further advice on assessment support.

Learning Outcomes assessment :
1.Apply knowledge and skills of professionalism and strategic leadership in the context of the role of the new graduate registered nurse.
2. With in the context of transition to graduate nurse employ leadership capabilities to critically evaluate practice priorities in the provision of safe, effective and holistic person-centred care.
3. Interpret and apply strategic thinking and key skills relating to intra-professional and inter professional practice including conflict resolution team functioning and advanced communication.

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