NS5330 Persuasive Communication Assignment

Subject Code : NS5330
Unit Title : Persuasive Communication
Assessment Type : Assignment 3
Group or individual: Individual
Weighting: 20%
Aligned subject learning outcomes:
o Apply advanced communication strategies for potentially challenging conversations and relationships relevant to the health care professional
o Appraise and interpret communication theories;
o Reflect on and articulate strategies for enhanced communication in a culturally diverse health care workplace.
Requirements for successful completion of this assessment item:
This assessment must be submitted To pass this assessment item you must achieve a minimum of 50%.
NS5330 Persuasive Communication Assignment

NS5330 Persuasive Communication Assignment

Word limit: 750 words
Word counts more than 10% above the required word limit on this assessment will be penalised by 10% deduction of the marks available.The word count must be accurately stated at the end of each assignment Every printed element between spaces is to be counted including quotations and in text references but not including reference list or appendices.

Health care settings are complex and dynamic environments where diverse communities of people come together for shared and divergent purposes. As we explore in the first four weeks of the subject the communication that occurs with in a work place is influenced by many factors. This communication can then foster a sense of safety security belonging and in a similar manner can harm threaten and exclude.

For this assessment you are required to undertake a case study analysis.The case study you will analyse is available in Topic 3 of Week 2. The case study is interactive and requires you to select responses that change the pathways through the case study and the outcome. You should spend time clicking through the various options before preparing your case study analysis.You will note that some of the path ways and outcomes differ significantly and some are far more subtle.

With in your analysis you are required to focus on one character with in the case scenario. You should consider the factors that influence their communication and belonging in the work place You are not expected to consider all factors that influence the communication and belonging of your selected character with in the case study Instead select one organisational one inter personal and one intra personal factor to include in your analysis and discuss those in detail You may be creative and come up with additional information about the character and scenario but you must connect it back to the case study and appropriate literature.

NS5330 Persuasive Communication Assignment

NS5330 Persuasive Communication Assignment

Your case study analysis should be presented as an essay with a brief introduction and conclusion. You are required to use contemporary and/or seminal literature to support your analysis Referencing should follow APA 7 th edition conventions both in-text and within the reference list.

Please note: The Subject Outline incorrectly states that the Communication Case Study is in Week 3 Topic 3. You will find the interactive case study for your assessment in the Week 3 Topic 2 content.

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