NRS283 Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment

Subject Code : NRS283
Title :- Clinical Reasoning Cycle
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Value: 60%
Length: 1600 words
NRS283 Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment

NRS283 Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment

This assessment task requires you to refer to the case study provided on the subject Interact 2 site and address each of the following points:

1. Describe– consider the patient situation

2.Collect Cues enter relevant assessment data into the collecting cues section of the template and identify additional assessment data that is required. You should use the primary secondary survey frame work to under take this activity. Identify and provide an over view of the pathophysiology of the main health challenge evident in the case study

3.Process information– compare any abnormal assessment findings with normal or expected findings and identify information that is not relevant to the scenario

4.Synthesise– making sense of the data, understanding the clinical manifestations

5.Establish goals-identify one main goal for the outcome for this patient using the SMART goal frame work

6.Select a course of action– outline 1 nursing interventions that will assist the patient to meet the desired outcomes and provide basic evidence-based rationales for each. The intervention should be selected based on priority and urgency

NRS283 Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment

Case study
Harry is 40 year old male who lives in Canberra and works from home as a financial adviser. He is a father to his 3 children: Alice (2) Jenny (5) and Jack (7) and a carer to his wife who has recently been diagnosed with COPD. He has minimum support from family and both parents are well into their 80s with comorbidities but help where they can.

Harry has been feeling unwell lately describing himself as not himself. Harry hasn’t been able to maintain his daily exercise due to being the primary parent to 3 young children and now his wife’s carer. Harry’s diet has been poor and usually resorting to frozen meals/fast food throughout the week due to being so busy despite being told numerous times from his GP to be mindful of the foods he eats and to maintain a healthy weight. Harry has noticed his clothes are a little tighter and doesn’t have energy like he used to.

Past medical History

  • Hypertension (2019)
  • T2DM (2018)
  • COPD (2018)
  • Hyperlipidemia (2018)
  • Gout (2017)
  • WGT: 85kg
  • Height:140cm
  • Binge drinker
  • Ex-smoker (ceased in 2015 – smoked for 13 years)

During an appointment with a GP, Harry states:

‘I’m just not feeling well. I have pain every where in my feet in my knees through out my back. I can not sleep. I feel as if I’m exhausted all the time. I’m becoming out of breath easily and notice my ankles hurt. When I look down I notice they are swollen especially in the evenings. I have no time any more. Some times I feel as if my vision isn’t great and every thing becomes blurry at times. I need help.

The GP prescribes Enalapril 5mg daily and 40mg BD of Fruse mide. The GP takes some basic bloods and vital signs. Results are shown below:

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