NIT2201 IT Profession And Ethics Assignment

Mode of work:
A group of two (pair). Arrange with a partner to form a pair and work on the task as below. Oral presentation must be done as a group in order to receive marks for this assessment.
NIT2201 IT Profession & Ethics Assignment

NIT2201 IT Profession And Ethics Assignment

Instructions about marking
Marks for this assessment will be based on submitting the soft copy of your presentation material as well as the oral presentation, including the delivery of the presentation, the content covered in the presentation and the slides used by the pair.A given student in a pair will receive their own mark for the Delivery criterion. That is, the mark for Delivery will not be a combined mark based on both students delivery of the presentation but will be an individual mark reflecting how well a particular student presented. However the pair will receive a mark for the Content of presentation criterion and a mark for the Slides criterion, where each of these two marks are joint marks, reflecting the quality of the pair for these criteria.

NIT2201 IT Profession & Ethics Assignment

Presentation instructions:
You are to give an oral presentation to the class. The presentation will be about your investigation into an ethical case you have chosen, and applying the following Learning Outcomes of this unit to that case:
1.Demonstrate an understanding of codes of ethics in Information and Communication Technology;
3.Critically discuss social, ethical and privacy issues in Information and Communication Technology domains
5.Communicate effectively on a range of social, ethical and privacy issues

Your pair needs to work out how 1. Relates to the case so that you are able to present about the application of ACS and ACM codes of ethics (covered previously in the unit) to that case. What principles or points of these codes can explain ethical issues or problems in that particular case?

Your pair needs to work out how 3. Relates to the case so that you are able to present about the social issues and/or ethical issues and/or privacy issues of that case. What are the details about the particular social and/or ethical and/or privacy issues of that case?

NIT2201 IT Profession & Ethics Assignment-Victoria University Australia.

Finally, how does your pair communicate in an appropriate, relevant and useful way about the social and/or ethical and/or privacy issues of that case (i.e., how do you fulfill 5.)?

It is up to you and your partner to find ethical cases in the area of computing/technology, and work out which one you would like to study and present about. Cover and present only one ethical case. If your pair covers more than one case, marks will be deducted. If the case is totally unrelated to the area of computing or technology (e.g., a case purely in the area of bio medicine, a case purely in the area of law, etc.) then no marks will be given to both students for the Presentation assessment item. Of course an ethical case is acceptable if it involves application of computing or technology to such an area (like bio medicine, law, etc.) as long as it is understandable to the unit convenor and other students of the unit.

Content of presentation

You will write a set of slides using Microsoft PowerPoint to cover the three learning outcomes. You will need to work out what you will write in your slides based on your knowledge of the ethical case and the application of Learning Outcomes 1 and 3. Your pair will determine the exact set of bullet points you put in your slides. However, a structure for the overall presentation is given below. You will need to work out what your bullet points will be (if there are any sub-bullet points), what headings you will use, what slide background/layout for the design of the slides, etc.

A schedule of presentations will be provided on VU Collaborate to show when you will give your presentation.

Ensure that the last slide in your set of slides is a references slide. This references slide shows all the references you used. If there was only one source you used, then you still need to include this source. To format references for your slide, use any predefined, formal referencing system that you wish: APA, Harvard, IEEE, ACM, etc.Do not invent your own referencing system, but apply such a recognized and accepted system.

NIT2201 IT Profession & Ethics Assignment

NIT2201 IT Profession And Ethics Assignment

You should therefore use the following structure for your set of slides:

1.Title slide. Show your name, student ID and a title for your presentation. You should think of a title for your presentation that reflects the work you have done in Assignment 1. Titles should not be those like “Presentation on ethical case”, etc. as they do not reflect the ethical case.
2.Content slide. This will show what you are covering in the lecture. You have seen content slides used in the session of the unit – these can be an example to you of what you could show in this slide.
3.Slides covering ethical case and 1 & 3. You will write as many slides as you need to cover the details of Assignment, whilst accounting for the time limit of 15 minutes for your entire presentation. In other words, this number of slides is variable across students – it depends on how many slides you think you need to explain the case and associated matters.
4.Conclusion slide. This will provide a summary of what you have covered in the presentation.
5.References slide. As above.

Duration of presentation: maximum of 15 minutes per pair. Try to divide this duration evenly between each partner of the pair so that each partner spends approximately 7.5 minutes in covering their part of the presentation.

Schedule of presentations
You will be allocated to a schedule of presentations, so you will need to look up your time for presenting.

Presentations will take place in Session 11 from 8 am on wards.

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