NEF6002 Research Assignment 

Abstract :- [use 12pt Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing]
The abstract should be a concise summary of not more than 200 words of the aim and findings of your proposed research. Abstract normally has 150 – 200 words.
One suggestion for the structure of abstract is:
1. Context
2. Objective
3. Method
4. Conclusion
5. Keywords
Abstract consists of a few paragraphs with out section headers.The above bullet point are the suggested guidelines on the content and structure of the abstract, they are not the section headers.
NEF6002 Research Assignment

NEF6002 Research Assignment 

List of Figures :

Glossary and List of Acronyms

For example,

API Application Programming Interface
Bash Bourne-again shell
dB Decibel
DLP Data Loss Prevention
GPS Global Positioning System
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
TCP Transmission Control Protocol

Summary The Progress Summary
I. What was the research problem?
II. What was the research method?
III. What have been achieved in week1-6?
o What have been done?
o What is the innovation?
o What was the findings?
o How is it compared to the work in related literature?
IV. What was remained uncompleted?

NEF6002 Research Assignment

Chapter 1 Introduction
1. explain about the topic and define the keywords and terminology
2. explain why the area or field of your research is interesting and important for the other researches
3. explain the history of the topic and trend of the researches

Chapter 2 Literature Review and Objectives
a. Try to narrow the research field that you talked about in the introduction into the specific area
b. complete a structured critical review of theoretical and experimental literature on the topic area
c. Write about when and how and why this research field become attractive to the other researchers
d. Explain methodologies hardware software tools applicable in the field. Explain about the future research trend
e. Discuss the thesis topic and your research contribution
f. Try to categorize the literature background

Chapter 3 Research Problems
i. define a problem from contemporary and emergent settings
ii. What are your chosen research problems? Present problems by asking pertinent questions.
iii. Based on your expertise, knowledge, understanding of what you have learnt by studying the literature what do you want to discover reconfigure or resolve?
iv. The answer of how you want to do it will form the next section that it is Research Methodology

NEF6002 Research Assignment 

Chapter 4 Research Methodology
1. Expand this section from a few paragraphs in NEF6001 to a full chapter.
2. Demonstrate an evidence-based research proposal.
3. Show your data set? How do you want to process data?
4. Qualify your research as qualitative, quantitative or hybrid.
5. Present your recognised variables and your model.
6. Did you use model simulation? If so, present the results.
7. Discuss the used interfaces, the platforms and the required software.
8. How have you extended your research from NEF6001 Research Project A.

NEF6002 Research Assignment

Chapter 5 Research Significance
What will be your contribution to human knowledge enterprise society business environment, …?
What makes your research different from other research?

Chapter 6 Conclusions
Conclude what you have done and write about your findings

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