NCS6101 Supplementary Assessment

Assessment Description :-
Using the case study provided as a basis for your discussion write an essay to demonstrate your knowledge of the responsibilities of the nursing profession in terms of law ethics and governance in the clinical area.
NCS6101 Supplementary Assessment

Assessment case study :

Tim is a 32-year old man who was admitted via the emergency department having been involved in a fight at a weekend football match that he attended as a spectator.

A physical examination revealed a dislocated shoulder deep scalp lacerations possibly caused by a blow to his head and extensive bruising to his face and upper body. The emergency department was very busy with multiple ambulances arriving and many patients being admitted therefore it took some time for Tim to be admitted for surgery During this time an alcohol and drug screen was under taken and these tests were clear. Tim did not like waiting and he stated he felt unwell and drowsy. He became increasingly noisy and un co operative which was a change from when he arrived at that time he was lucid and polite.

Tim was fasted went to the operating theatre, and returned to a room on the ward On waking Tims post operative vital signs were stable although the nursing staff had difficulty doing them as he was drowsy and non compliant. Two hours after surgery Tim stated I’m going back to the foot ball match because my team need me to play. The registered nurse and medical officer on duty tried to persuade Tim not to leave but he continued arguing and shouted Leave me alone don’t touch me I want to get out of this bed. The doctor thought that per haps this be haviour may be attributed to pain and as a result ordered intra muscular analgesia. Tim stated I’m not in pain I don’t want any pain killers The registered nurse went a head as per the medical officer’s orders and administered the injection to Tim whilst another registered nurse and a nursing assistant held Tim to prevent him from struggling.This caused the needle to break off and necessitated further surgery which resulted in an additional four weeks in hospital.

Your over all aim is to demonstrate to the marker your understanding of the unit content by relating it to the specific elements of the scenario. To do this you will provide an analysis: a detailed examination. DO NOT REWRITE THE SCENARIO, rather your discussion should be focused upon the relevant unit content. Use the applicable parts of the scenario as a basis to demonstrate your understanding of the specified unit content

The assignment will be marked using the School of Nursing and Midwifery standard marking rubric which you will find on the unit CANVAS site. Please read each criterion carefully and reflect the positive criteria in your essay. The assignment brief is structured under the same headings as the marking rubric please consider both documents carefully as you construct your essay.

NCS6101 Supplementary Assessment

In this area it is necessary to present the topics relevant to the paper Ensure that your discussion is supported by your learning your research the literature and knowledge of your professional responsibilities.

In relation to the case study above please address the relevance of the following ethical principles:
• Autonomy;
• Beneficence;
• Non maleficence;
• Justice.

Additionally what legal considerations must the RN be aware of in the decision making for Tim’s care?

In relation to the care of David what professional responsibility would the Registered Nurse have under the Nursing and Midwifery Board’s Registered Nurse Standards for Practice the Code of Conduct and ICN Code of Ethics.

The use of the relevant literature should support your consideration and discussion of the presented topics. Remember that when you introduce a concept (e.g., The Registered Nurse Standards for Practice you will need to define and or explain them for the marker to provide context. Do not assume they know what you mean.They need to know that you know!

You will be assessed on your ability to consider the implications of the specified ethical concepts relevant legal considerations and professional governance to and for Registered Nurse practice based upon the quality and depth of your analysis. You will also be assessed on your ability to support the discussion you put for ward with evidence from appropriate literature including the quality and relevance of that literature.

NCS6101 Supplementary Assessment

NCS6101 Supplementary Assessment

There is a minimum of 12 references required, although you should read widely and in corporate relevant reading into your assignment. The more you read the more evidence you will find to weave into your essay and to support your discussion. References for this essay should be within five years of publication only, other than the latest version of a document that is still in use. References should be from a valid source, evidence based peer-reviewed journal articles government and official health organisation and professional online websites and resources e.g., Department of Health Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia etc. and books and all must be relevant to Australia. References should support the discussion explanation of the relevance implications of the ethical concepts and the governance discussed.

Please remember to 1) support your points with evidence; 2) carefully paraphrase information and provide references; and 3) check your similarity report prior to submission.

You should follow the School of Nursing and Midwifery Guidelines Full sentence structure is required.

There is no need for headings: the paper should flow in one long sequence. See SNM assignment writing guidelines for lay out.

You need to develop a logical piece of writing that clearly explains the content required.

Your introduction should succinctly and clearly introduce the topic and what will follow in the remainder of the essay (no more than 10% of your word count). Include a statement that outlines the structure and purpose of the paper. Highlight the main areas only and include research parameters.

The main body should contain a logical and cohesive development of ideas and demonstrate your ability to develop a logical discussion around the topic.

Your conclusion should provide a summation of the key points of the work (no new ideas or references in the conclusion).

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