N1051 Photovoice Assignment

Subject Code & Title :- N1051 Photovoice
Assessment Type :- Assignment
“The meaning of ‘social determinants of health’ in everyday life”
Each student will review a local news article related to one of the social determinants of health and use photovoice as a creative approach to explore the chosen determinant. The photo voice image will be displayed for group discussion during week 10, in class on Monday, March 20, 2023.
N1051 Photovoice Assignment

N1051 Photovoice Assignment

Instructions :-
• Choose a local news article related to one of the social determinants of health.
• Identify and describe the appropriate social determinant of health that is underlying the issue from the news item.
• Provide a critical analysis of the impact of your social determinant of health with integration of current peer reviewed evidence (at least 3 journal articles not including textbook).
• Use photovoice technique to capture an image that will raise awareness and under standing of your chosen social determinant of health.
• Reflect on your photovoice. Write an abstract including what your photo voice represents and how it relates to your chosen social determinant of health.(example below)

Submit written critical analysis, photovoice, and abstract on D2L on Sunday, March 19 2023 by 11:59pm

Share photovoice and abstract in class on Monday, March 20 for discussion- Please bring a printed out, hard copy of your photovoice and abstract to class.

A deduction of 10% per day for late submissions on D2L – max 5 days.

Written Assignment Outline :-

• Title page with signed declaration
• Photovoice with title and caption (see sample below)
• Abstract including reflection on why you chose the photo you did and how it pertains to your social determinant of health. This is to be written as a first person reflection using APA 7th edition formatting. Be sure to include your reason for choosing this photo. This section is not intended to reiterate what you wrote in your scholarly section. Expected word count is 200 to 300 words. In text citations/references are not required for this section. See the assignment rubric for further details.
• Newspaper article review and critical analysis depicting high level of critical thinking and in-depth exploration into the content of the article and how it relates to the chosen social determinant of health. Expected word count will is 500 words maximum.
• APA 7th edition reference list
• Total of 6 pages MAXIMUM

N1051 Photovoice Assignment

In Class Critical Thinking Discussion Groups:
• In groups of 5-7, in class on Monday, March 20, 2023, each student will post their own photovoice and abstract on the wall of the classroom.
• 15-20 minutes will be given for each group to review and read the photovoice and abstract of each person in their group.
• 30-40 minutes will be spent with each group discussing questions provided in class to help strengthen critical thinking and analysis.
• 5-10 minutes for individual reflection and written response to a prompt provided in class. This reflective writing must be turned in in class to receive the 2 participation points for this assignment. See assignment rubric for complete details.

First Example presented by Professor Michelle Spadoni, DNP, MA (N), RN

An Example of thinking about finding topics making sense of assignments getting prepared to write—from resources to plan to doing’

Finding a topic—I recently was watching the nightly news and the reporter was talking about the ‘home lessness crisis in rural northern Ontario communities.’ In the back ground the camera man spanned the street—I knew that street. In fact I knew some of the people sitting in the doorways of the boarded-up buildings. Some I had gone to grade school with. I had shared on occasion Tim’s coffee and a sandwich and encouraged on really cold days a walk to ‘shelter’.

I have also seen really hard days of confusion and physical emotional and social outbursts (really violent and risky behaviour) that requires mental health (MH) street practitioners but often becomes a police call in the absence of MH care. More over sadly I have seen people succumb to overdose. I thought about this assignment. I scrolled the news outlets and found:

N1051 Photovoice Assignment

Fraser Needham (2022, August 15) wrote an article for aptn National News entitled Twice as many homeless people in northern Ontario than Ottawa, Toronto: report.

The article includes a short video with images of the community narrated by providers as it relates to recent studies conducted to understand ‘homelessness’ in northern Ontario. From that one article I pulled out all the embedded links current research surveys and I read the journalist’s commentary of unpacking their under standing of the many social determinant factors at play in ‘homelessness’ in northern Ontario communities.

I started to think about– How can I create a photovoice collage image for the final group discussion for this assignment Week 10, Monday March 20, 2023. What will it look like and why? It seemed to me as I read about the topic of home lessness it is a complex and multi-layered issue. I am a nurse and a community member my heart sees trauma. Working with that idea in mind I worked with the powerful images (collage) and using a layered approach news clippings and various sketch techniques my photos screen shot to freeze the layering and transparency the result:

………….Under standing ‘home lessness’—beyond numbers (Spadoni, 2023) My photovoice image Under standing home lessness—beyond numbers grounded my thinking. Anchoring how I thought about the abstract and how I began to think about the critical analysis of ‘homelessness’.

From there I turned to our class work, to remind myself
Ø What do we mean by social determinants of health?
Ø How might a social determinant of health lens (and which specific aspect of that lens) might help me understand homelessness as a nurse, as a member of the community and as a human being concerned for another human being?
Ø I looked for peer-reviewed articles on the topic of people living homeless in rural Ontario and I looked for scholars who write about social determinants.

I found a sociologist Dennis Raphael turns out he teaches at York University and he wrote this book called About Canada: Health and Illness it is all about the social determinants of health and he even wrote a chapter titled: Living Conditions Stress and the Human Body.

And he explained ideas about social determinants of health and housing and health in Canada. Then I looked to see if Dr. Raphael ever did TED talks—and he had done many TED talks including “The Covid-19 pandemic reinforces the importance of the social determinants of health. I knew then that I could find enough resources to help with the critical analysis and the scholarly writers I found I could under stand which really helped define concepts.

N1051 Photovoice Assignment

It helped me pick and choose what recent studies on home lessness I wanted to explore. I even hunted down the actual research articles mentioned in the aptn news article.

I took my notebook out I listed the terms important to the assignment I needed to define some of them and reference them using literature I also wrote about why the topic was important to me as a nurse to my community to me as a person? I looked at the social determinants framework—that I could understand, and then I looked at the question the professor asked us to focus on basically I was sketching out both my critical analysis paper and my abstract).

Simone Roach (Canadian Nurse Ethicist) once said “I care not because I am a nurse but because I am human”.

In my mind there are three major elements to this assignment that are inter twined:

1) Creating the photovoice image and abstract to share with my classmates.
2) A written critical analysis of homelessness, which I am exploring using a social determinant of health lens. & Finally
3) Class small group discussion which includes participation mark based on a ‘prompt’.

(This second example is how the whole assignment should be presented on D2L)

N1051 Photovoice Assignment

Newspaper Article Review and Critical Analysis

Please write in APA 7th edition
In no more than 500 words (2 pages)
• Choose a local news article related to one of the social determinants of health.
• Identify and describe the appropriate social determinant of health that is underlying the issue from the news item.
• Provide a critical analysis of the impact of your social determinant of health with integration of current peer reviewed evidence (at least 3 journal articles not including textbook).

Title of Your Photovoice Image

Social Determinant of Health Photovoice Abstract

In no more than 300 words (1 page), please
Discuss your Photo Voice
• What does it represent?
• How does it relate to your chosen social determinant of health?
• Describe your picture. What is happening in your picture?
• Why did you take or use a picture of this?
• What does this picture tell us about your chosen social determinant of health?
• How can this picture provide opportunities for us to improve our community?

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